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Anyone have to hold their nose and think of England??

Hey all,

Just wondering, does anyone NOT like the taste of the shakes? I'm picking up my packs tonight, and i'm a bit anxious of the taste! I've done slim fast before (when i was young and naive - i know they're the devils spawn now!!) and the taste was just revolting! Nothing like milkshake, just chemicals - it was pretty much swallow, gag, swallow, gag, eyes watering - i think i lasted about a day or so, just couldn't stand it. Is the taste of CD like Slimfast? xx
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Hey there...

When I started Lipotrim the strawberry one was the only one i 'liked' and i use the term 'liked' very loosely lol

so what i did was.... i visualised my fave place which happened to be by the pool in turkey.. it was a lovely place... closed my eyes and just drank the shake... its just an idea... but for that minute or so... if you really can't get them down ya... do try to visualise ur fave thing/place/where you want to be and hopefully that will work for you!

On the other hand most of the CD products are yum yum yummy so ya shouldn't have any problem whatsoever!!!

Good luck to ya... dying to see how you get on!!

Aw thanks gem and Serendipity! Am looking forward to trying them - could just imagine after all the build-up, take a sip and bllleeeuurrrggghhh! Glad it's not quite so bad, but i will definitly try the visualisation to see if it works! xx


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Apart from (Personally) the Thai Chilli I find all the shakes most palletable. Not a huge fan of the Spicy tomato in looks or taste, but I still drink them. The butterscotch mixed with the mousse powder is very angel delightish.

Guess its all down the personal tastes.

I have a hot Cuppachino / chocolate / choc mint for breakfast, a soup for lunch and a shake / mousse for dinner.

Variety, to me, is the key and also finding the flavours you like and will not have to hold your nose whilst sipping.

:) TT


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Some people take to them straight away but it took me nearly 2 weeks to get used to them......you must stick with it.
Now I can actually say I love the drinks ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I just had a chocolate one not 10 minutes ago and was thinking to myself how surprised i was that i'm not sick of them after 6 weeks or so. A couple of the flavours are yuk but that's personal taste i guess - i liked the butterscotch and banana to begin with but have gone right off both of them now - at least there is a good variety to give you a chance to find some you like - choc mint :drool:.
Best of luck - i'm sure you'll find them much tastier than the devil's spawn :D


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Slim fast is well sweet!! eeeeeeeeeeurgh!!!

nah..they're not like that. For some people they do taste funny cause you can taste the vits (with most of us being deficient in them) but when you are no longer deficient and used to them....they are rather nice!! promise!

Unless we've all gone a bit mad, which is entirely possible.;)

Good luck...I'm sure you'll be fine. I for one, have put many worse tasting things in my mouth than the Cambridge Diet......:p

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