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Anyone heard from Yasmine???



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Hmm come to think of it she hasnt been around in a few days has she - i do hope shes alright!
Hey, yes I was wondering about her as well...."Yasmine....come on in and tell us you are OK...If you've gone back on the chocs all is forgiven, we are here for shoulders etc "


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I was wondering about her too, hope all is well...


Here we go again!
Yeah, bit worrying that she hasn't been on for a few days. Hope she's OK. Yas only started this a few weeks before me so I feel as though we've done this journey together. I too have the mother hen feelings for her being 39 and all.

Come back Yas, we're all missing you!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Im sure shes hanging about some where!!!


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I'm very concerned about her actually.

Come on Yas! Let's know the score ..... whatever it is ..... that doesn't matter, we just need to know you're still there!! :):)
Just bringing this back up to see if we can reach Yas.


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Have pm'd too :( x


One last chance
Hi, I'm so touched that you are all so worried. I'm fine thanks, I've just been so stressed over these past few days. Had my college interview, i have 2 more to go to. And my weight went insane, I've gone back up to the 11st's so I'm back on LT for 4 weeks before i go away on holiday, which will be 21st July.

Would it be ok for me to refeed for 1 week if I do LT for 4 weeks?

I was so ashamed to come on here, as I have failed 2 in refeeding and maintenance and I just feel like a total failure :(.


maintaining since June'09
I've said it all in reply to pm Yas. xxx
Thanks for coming on and letting everyone know you're okay xx


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Yasmine don't ever worry about coming on here - none of us are perfect. We wouldn't be here if we were!
You're not a failure. Try not to lose sight of what an achievement it is to lose as much weight as you have, and stick tfr for so long.
You'll crack the refeeding and maintenence eventually chick, hard as it is.
Really glad to see you're ok - good luck with the interviews :)


Here we go again!
Lovely to see you back Yasmine. Don't keep putting yourself down. You have done really well on LT and like DD said, you will crack this maintaining lark. Glad you are OK and best of luck with your interviews.
Glad you are fine Yasmine and good luck for your other 2 interviews.

I think you know that you are best to do the proper 2 week refeed hun or your glycogen levels could just raise too quickly and showing a gain would probably not be good for you.

Good luck hun xx


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yasmine dont be hard on yourself, it's not easy getting the right balance that's why this forum is so good for support. I logged on tonight cos I was worried about you too. Keep at it honey cos I know you will do it.:)


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hi ya Yas just wanted to say hello - don't be ashamed and don't be a stranger hun! x
Hi Yasmine

Phew....there you are.
Hey lady, we are all human, you have had a huge weight loss so take it easy on yourself, retraining on how to eat sensibly after LT is going to be a challenge.
Stay with us missis, we are all in this together.
Good luck with the interviews ;)
So glad to hear from you

:grouphugg:Hi Yas. So glad to hear from you. My broadband was out last night so only saw your reply today. Well done with your interviews . they can be so stressfull . This refeeding is not easy and I would be the first one to agree with you there. :sigh: :cry:but we have to get to grips with it at some stage and I would be a bit wary of using lipotrim again so fast as a crutch to get you back on track. I would hate to think that you saw lipotrim as the only way you can control your weight.

I do think it wouldnt be any harm for you to get some help with this . (I dont want to sound like a nag at you) You have done so well with your weight loss you just have to view refeeding as the next hurdle and something that you will need help with.

and dont beat yourself up about it !!!! . Noone is a failure once they keep trying . Our aim here is to get you to a stage where you can happily maintain your fantastic weight loss . It will happen just dont give up and go back to old habits.
Hi Yas, I've not been able to get on here as often as I once was...(Big Brother at work is checking on our internet usage....spoil-sports!!) But you are often on my mind. All I can suggest is what works for me....keep things simple. I stick to the same sort of things breakfast and lunch and have the same meal as my OH in the evening, I've just cut out 95% of the fats and had small portions of carbs like rice, cous-cous or potatoes.

E.G. Breakfast is either 2 boiled eggs with 1 wholemeal pitta OR natural, low fat yoghurt, High-fibre cereal and berries.

Lunch is salad....cottage cheese, egg, tuna, prawn...dressed with balsamic vinegar.

Snack is usually an apple.

Hope that is helpful. Don't beat yourself up, please dont binge/starve, you have some such a long way, you can take control. Luv ya xxx

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