Anyone here doing other types of IF (besides JUDDD) or 5:2?

Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by Dukanista, 30 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Hi all!

    As you can probably tell from the username, I usually follow the Dukan diet (low carb, low fat), but recently I've decided to give IF a try. I'm following the 'eat stop eat' approach, which is a complete fast (I.e. not 500cals) for 24 hours, usually dinner to dinner for me, once or twice a week. I love the fact that I can follow another eating style the rest of the week, and then use this as a 'boost'. 1.5kg down in my first week, which I'm thrilled about!

    Just wondering if anyone has tried other IF methods and has any tips?

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  3. passionflower

    passionflower Silver Member

    Hey Dukanista, you will remember me from the Dukan threads. I started 5:2 straight after that Horizon programme and never looked back. I love that fact that I enjoy all the health benefits without having to remove certain groups of foods and lead a normal life. I plan my fast days around my life and eat healthily. To answer your question I do work my low carb high fat in with the IF.
  4. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Mon! So lovely to see you again. I'm still hanging out on the dukan forum even though I'm still following IF. You should pop in and say hi some time :). Do you have a diary here?

    I'm still enjoying the fasting and it's been successful so far. Glad to hear you've had good results too.

  5. krupskaya

    krupskaya Gold Member

    Hi Dukanista, how are you getting on? I'm trying my first 24 hour fast today and finding it hard going. How do you cope with the hunger? I feel so uncomfortable with it.
  6. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Hi there k,

    What hours are you fasting between? I do dinner to dinner, so try to eat my last meal around 6pm so I don't go to sleep hungry. Then a black coffee and lots of water for breakfast (skipping breakfast is the hard part...), and then I just keep busy during the day so I forget about food. I do have lots of water, Chinese tea, usually a diet coke, and often an effervescent vitamin tablet during the day and I don't really feel much hunger, to be honest. And then dinner at 6 again.

    It's not fun but it's much easier than it's sounds - but the busier you are, the better. I tried it at home once and almost went crazy!


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