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Anyone here have 100lbs or more to lose?

Im 5'6 and 21 st 13 1/2 ( cant believe i just told u that soooo embarassed ) im so big but i no ill get there in the end we all will jus 1 step at a time.

Hello Starbex. Dont worry I'm even bigger than you are. I can't believe I weigh 22st:eek:. How on earth I got so big without doing something about it sooner I don't know! But we're here now so the past is just that. I'm gonna stick to that book like mad.
i no i put on all my weight havin 4 kids in 5 years and i jus didnt stop eatin, god im so bad but im dealin with it now and i will beat it this time, i have to.

Ive never told anyone what I weighed as I am also so embarressed that i have let it get so bad. But on this site it really doesnt matter as we are all in a similar boat, some with less to lose and some with more. For me, i am taking a half a stone at a time, and by breaking it down it doesnt seem so daunting. Good luck everyone!
There are several of us big'uns on the site here. My top weight was almost 24 st last Oct. I started on my own but joined SW at the beginning of March and weighed in at 22 :7lb I am now down to 21:7.No a quick journey but I am very determined:D


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I did have over 100lbs to lose (140lbs to be precise). I started in October last year and now have only 80lbs to go :D

I started out at 1/2lb under 20 stone but am now in the 15's.

You can do it. Set your mind to it and you'll be well on your way. I don't know how I ever let myself get that big AGAIN. never again though. Once it's off this time, it's staying off.

Good luck


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My starter for 10 was 24st, 9lb and since joined SW in Jan this year that's gone down to 21st 5lb!
I still have a long way to go so will be on this site for years to come, and look forward to every minute of it!
I had nearly 100lb to lose - well, if I want to get to my healthy BMI range then I would need to lose 100+ (but I haven't decided quite yet on my final target weight). I started at 17.5 and am now 12.4.

Stick with it and take it a little step at a time. All the little losses add up and before you know it you'll be halfway there!
Yup- similar story.

I started at 19 stone and am well on my way to........I don't really know!

I think it is more difficult for people who have always been big to try and set a target- I have no idea what I will look or feel like when I get to 11 stone, so how do I know if that is enough?

I also think we with more to lose have to be more focused on a lifestyle change. This is a massive long-term commitment for us, so we have to ensure that we make it realistic, achievable and pleasurable along the way. We also have to learn to tackle our issues with food to ensure it doesn't all happen again.

I love SW - I don't think it is the quickest way for me to get to my goal, but I absolutely know that when I get there I am going to have enjoyed the journey and will have changed my eating habits forever.

me ! I was over 21st when I started in early December, and after a disasterous Christmas and not concentrating for a couple of months, I am still over 21st but heading downwards now.

Worked out the other day that I had lost on average a pound a month so far, and at that rate it would take me 10 years to hit target ! :p


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Yep - me too, at least 100lbs! It so scary to see your weight over 20 stone, but we have all taken the first step...:p
It is scary to see over 20 stone, but it does get under 20 stone, and to see a 1 at the beginning of your weight instead of a 2 feels great!

Keep at it gals :D
i also have a lot to lose i am currently 18 stone but like lots of others taking it bu haf stone i just cant wait for next wk when i mite be 17 something good luk all xx
I joined SW early november 08 weighing in at 19st 9lb !!!!!:eek:
got fed up being called fatty so I wanted to lose the weight
I am now at 17st 2.5lb it's taken me 24 weeks (just under 6 months). MY clothes are getting baggier, I'm losing my double chin.
I have a loooong way to go - I want to be down to at the least 10.5 stone- I can handle that.
We will all get there - but it's gonna take time
I have just under 100lbs to lose :)

At my heaviest I was 22st 10lbs, but lost some then started dieting and dropped down to 20st. back on it again, and lost 4lbs so far this week! its hard work but we can all do it if we got each other to talk to :)
Wow looking at most of your weight loss statistics you girls are truely inspiring!
Don't wory I'm sure we will all reach our goal some day soon hopefully! :)

I had a 100lb to lose but now am down to about 81lb... I had a dodgy few weeks but am back on track now.

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