Anyone here have a 1 yr old, got a question

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I think that they usually start trying to feed themselves by then. Perhaps give him a little plastic spoon of his own to hold while you're feeding him with another and he might get the idea and copy you, even if it's to feed you with it for a bit before he tries eating it himself!


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kids vary alot and i wouldnt worry that he's not feeding himself yet,but i would encourage him to try, as mel2 says give him a spoon as well and maybe some finger foods.
My friends daughter is nearly 4 and can feed herself perfectly well but prefers mum to do it,


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Yes, definitely start him with cutlery! We used baby lead weaning so DS has been feeding himself with his hands or spoon since we started weaning at 7 months, and now uses his spoon and fork nicely and even has a go with a knife. He is 18 months old now. It makes life so much easier because you can all eat together and you can focus on your own food rather than feeding him. BTW, do you eat together? It helps if he sees what you are doing.


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I'm a health visitor with 30 years experience so have spoken to a good few mums in my time. It sounds like he wants an easy way to get the food in his mouth. What I suggest you could try is to feed him three quarters of it to stave off his hunger then hand him the bowl and spoon and continue eating yours or get up and make a cup of tea. Chat to him but not about eating. Don't draw attention to him feeding himself until he has finished then loads of praise and smiley faces. Give him a fromage frais for pud or similar and don't feed him at all. If he really wants it he will get it into his mouth some how.Good luck xx

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i agree let him feed himself, sometimes its easier to feed them yourself cause if like me i hate the mess but encourage him to feed himself, my neice was 4 and still expected her mother to feed her mostly as a way to control her but it just makes for a lazy child. plus i secretly think they like to get messy lol

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Thanks everyone. He does eat finger foods and things of his tray but just not with cutlery yet. I'm at work so told his Daddy to let him eat his lunch himself today.

Yes we all sit & eat together. He has 10 teeth but hasn't mastered biting of his food yet but stuffs the whole lot in his mouth. We'll start him now and hope he picks it up.