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Anyone in the 12's want to get into the 11's?

I've just got to 12st 13.5lbs and would love to buddy up with people of other weights for motivation towards getting into the 11 stones. Does anyone want to jump on board? I WI on a wednesday. I'm on 29 points a day and I eat some but not all of my weeklies. I'm not big on exercise but I'd love to be losing 2lbs a week.

Had my 4th weigh in today. Have not lost 9.5lbs in 4 weeks. Scales at home said I'd lost 2.5lbs whereas at meeting I'd only lost 1lb, so that was a bit of an anticlimax. I'm hoping it was just a random blip and some of that might show next week.
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Hey I'm exactly the same weight as ya:) I'd love to get to the 11's by Xmas but I dunno if I can so need lots motivation! Joinin zumba tomorrow night so hopefully that get me moving:)
Hey I'm pretty similar. Started WW about 6 weeks ago at 13st5 and am currently 12st8. Would love to get under 12st by christmas. :D

I'm not big on excercise either but I have had a gym membership that I've been neglecting for about 6 months so I'm gradually getting into it again once or twice a week.

Sorry about your scales, this is why I don't weight at home anymore!! My scales always tell me something different every time, sometimes less and sometimes more!!
at the moment i'm 12st 3 I had lost and briefly got to the elevens but it was a very short stay and I have been majorly off track now for the last 2 weeks as I haven't been able to make it to WI.

I also WI on a wednesday night so heres to a good week. Have to put the last 2 weeks to the back of my mind and get on with it.

Good luck girls :)
Hello what a good idea! I'm currently between 12 st 3 and 12st 5, would love to get down to 11st 7 ish by Christmas. Have a big day out tues so hoping to start weds, will there be a weigh in thread?


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Hi everyone I'm 12st 13.5 and really struggling at the moment. Did get down to 12.7 before my holiday in August but it's been creeping back up since then. I weigh in on Friday.

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How's everyone doing? I'm weighing in on Wednesday this week so iv an extra day to try loose that bar of chocolate I me that I ate last night eek! On d plus side I'd no beer this week:)
Can I join please. I was 12 4.5 at new year this year. got to 11 13.5 in march. then went on a 8 month off plan binge and now Im up 12 11!!! (I was 13 1 a tthe begining of the month). cant beleive how much I have yo-yoed in less than a year, so would really appreciate this support, especially in the run up to xmas
Mrs moose. I've felt so bad for so long about my weight gain just knowibg im not the only one i don't feel as half as bad. Think ive felt guilty about it for so long and ive dwelt on it for so long that its stopped me fromvjust accepting it and just get n with loosing it. Again.
I was exactly the same Alex! My sister got married in September an instead of losin weight for it I gained a stone! 2 months before it I was so unmotivated it was unbelievable! But then after it I put a rocket up my ars and am now doin it for myself m no one else ( an d bridesmaid dress in January eek)
This is exactly what I've been aiming for all year! I got down to 11 13 a few months ago but only lasted a week. Since then I had been hovering around 12 2 but since my holiday last month its been between 12 4 and 12 6. Really need a kick in the right direction my will power has just flown out the window!
Yes I am in the 12's seems to b taking me that bit longer to get into the 11's but I WILL get there

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Hiya I've started today, am following propoints but also trying to limit sugar as find once I start I can't stop!

Would love to get to 11 st 7 for Christmas, think I'm mid 12s - not weighing til mx wk as would get too upset at what I see!

Good luck to all xx