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Anyone into Anime or Manga?


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I had a quick search and other than posts i have made (lol) and a post from 2006 there doesn't seem to be any post for people who like Anime and Manga!

Well I do, there anyone else out there who does?

The last things I watched were Kimi ni todoke 2, Shinrei tantei yakumo and i'm about half way through Night head genesis.

I haven't been reading any manga lately, but my list of currently reading is rather large! I should really catch up on Vampire Knight.

Also! Anyone here a con goer?
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Hi I like anime and mangas. I grew up reading and watching them, I grew up in Tokyo. I still read mangas, and watch some anime, I've been to a few conventions. But I don't think I'm as hardcore as you are.

I still like to read Bleach, Naruto and Claymore. I still watch Bleach, and sometimes Naruto.


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I'm not but daughter is! I think her life revolves around it at the moment LOL! she goes to the excel centre 2x a year and the majority role play, I love going the people watching when I pick her up :)
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Absolutely love Manga/Anime. Death note, Excel saga and Triguns being amongst my favourites :]


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I loved Deathnote. Did you see the live action films?


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I liked them, but I grew up with watching Japanese movies and dramas. My guy absolutely didn't like the live action, but he liked the anime ones.


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Actually I still watch Japanese movies and dramas :)
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I like anime/manga!
I've been keeping up with some of the current ones but my favourites are FLCL, Detroit Metal City, Puella Magica Madoka, Ghibli Films, manga by CLAMP, One Piece and Kaiji.

I could never get into stuff like Bleach, Naruto, and Death Note though :(

My hopes are to find something I'm comfortable with cosplaying as (and actually finding the time to go to conventions - they're always during uni time for me)


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I love Studio Ghibli, I was raised on their movies. My ulitmate favorite is Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, it's before the studio was created. I was waiting forever for that to come out on Dvd, even in Japan it was only available on VHS until mid 2000s.
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I found Studio Ghibli in my teens - they're definitely some of my favourites and will pretty much remain one of my favourite 2D animation companies. My favourite is Howl's Moving Castle. It used to be Spirited Away but when I thought heavily about it, certain elements bothered me too much. I don't think I've seen Nausicaa, sadly.


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I like all of them, haven't had one that I didn't like. I do recommend Nausicaa :)
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Watashi wa anime ga daisukidesu!!! Especially Studio Ghibli :)


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I was well into that sort of thing when I was younger. I will still watch some of my old favourites now like Digimon or Sailor Moon and I used to read a couple mangas like Chobits and .hack. I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli though! Nausicaa, KDS and Princess Mononoke are my favourites.

I'm doing a degree in animation at the moment so while anime is not my favourite style, I'm always looking for new things to check out. :) I've heard FMA is good.


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FMA is awesome. I've been reading the Manga for years (now ended, abloobloobloo), and wasn't too keen on the first anime because it caught up with the manga then they had to make up their own storyline because they were out of printed material to adapt. FMA: Brotherhood is truer to the Manga, but... Because they (Funimation) already made the first half of the previous Manga into the previous Anime, they kinda skip everything up to and including the end of Act 1 and compress it into about half a season of FMA: Brotherhood.

That said, Brotherhood IS excellent. I just think it's a terrible shame they skip over, well, The Important Stuff (avoiding spoilers).

I like a decent variety of Manga genres, from the stuff for boys all the way up to adult horror or fantasy. I've yet to try getting into some of the densha manga though, and I am a serious train nerd. There's one in particular I'd like to get my hands on, but I forget the name. It's about a serious train otaku who spends his time travelling Japan and visiting little local railway lines and obscure stations, and he's accompanied on his journey by the manga artist and her team. Last time I was in Tokyo I saw a documentary about how the Manga is made, but promptly forgot the name of it! Gah!


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I love Manga too!! Although I don't know many of the ones you guys mention! Except Death Note but I got confused after a while so not my favourite. (I like Ryuuku though).

My all time favorite ones are:
1. Lupin the 3rd by Monkey Punch. You could say obsessive, I have a shrine dedicated to this with replica Walther P38 & Magnum. lol. Lupin is a classic and really OLD, started like 60s or something.

2. One Piece. Its a JC Comic so aimed at kids but has a massive following in Japan. Its about Pirates and its brilliant and some parts make me so emotional and happy that I cry! I would recommend it to manga newbies.

3. Hana yori Dango. This is a girl's comic, it has been adapted into anime, films, tv series in Japan and Korea etc. I don't usually like Shojo-manga but this is my exception, I love it, especially the arrogant, rich, spoilt brat called Doumyoji who falls in love with a strong, independent but financially poor girl Tsukushi. Its brilliant. I think it may be called "Boys over flowers" in English.

4. This may not be translated as there probably isn't a market for boy's "Furyo Manga" outside of Japan but I love them as they relieve my stress reading them. Notable favourites are "Crows", "Worst", "Kyo kara Ore Wa" and "Kameleon". There are thousands under this genre and the closest I've seen to them being translated is probably the pre-GTO series about the life of teacher Onitsuka before he became a teacher.

My mum used to be an animator too, in the old school days when you had to paint each cell by hand. She did anime like "Ashita no Joe" so ancient stuff! (I'm half Japanese and my family still live there but I only get to go back 3 weeks/year due to working in the UK).


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That's really cool that your mom used to be an animator :)
If you're looking at buying Manga I always recommend anything by Yue Watase. Her art is really nice and the stories are always really engaging.

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