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Anyone into Tattoos,Piercings & Body Modification?


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I've got my belly button pierced and I really like it, will show it off on the beach after I've lost the weight!
I really like the idea of getting a tattoo but go through phases or wanting one and then deciding against it. If I went for it I'd like an eagle design but having spent ages on the net searching for a design I like, I've had no luck. I won't go through with it unless I find a design I totally fall in love with or I know I'll end up regretting it!


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ooh had to post in this thread, im new so hi!

i have 11 tattoos and 5 piercings :)

1. tribal on bottom of my back
2. 9 stars around right wrist
3. star and flames across shoulders
4. flames with "carpe diem" on left wrist
5. black cat on right arm
6. blue heart on left arm
7. heart on left side of neck
8. broken heart on right side of neck
9. star on left leg
10. another star on left leg
11. hello kitty on left leg

9-11 i did myself :D

piercings i have are tongue, lip, septum, left ear and left nipple. :)

Mahina Lani

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I have 14 tattoos with plans for a half sleeve on my left arm and something over my left side and hip once I'm at the weight I want to be.
I have my ears pierced and snakebites and am hoping to get my nose done again soon (I had it before but the stud fell out without me noticing until it was too late.)
I had my belly button pierced, but took it out as I got fed up with it catching on my clothes, but I'd had it done for about 10 years!

Tattoos are:
Gothic ice angel between shoulder blades
Baby dragon, large unfinished fairy and Pegasus over my lower back
Small star on right shoulder
Shooting star inside right elbow
Capricorn symbol and XIV inside right wrist
Earth and Saturn symbol inside left wrist
Lily on right side of stomach
Butterfly on left inner hip
Eye of Horus inside left ankle
Fairy silhouette inside right ankle
Tribal style turtle left foot
Tribal style bear with paw prints on right foot and extending over the ankle

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I have decided on my next tattoo which i`ll get pay day :D

I think I will get it along the side of my arm as it is a quote and not sure where else I could put it?

It would be great to see everyones tattoos! :D

LiSe Xx


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Mine are all in an album on Facebook


I have tattoos from wrist to the top of my arm, chest, back, leg. And have had...3 lip piercings, bridge, septum, tounge, nipples, and ears :)


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Hey :wavey:

I admire tattoos & piercings alot :D epecially if a persons got a nice collection ;) or their nipple/s pierced :drool: :sign0007: too much info! :eek:

I have 3 tattoos so far, back of neck, lower back and left hip bone and I want to get a japanese inspired backpiece of a dragon someday, when the finances are better! :sigh2:

Piercings, well ive gone through phazes where I either want alot, few or none. At the mo its just my ears :) But at various times I've had done, my upper ears, nipple (twice) navel, genital piercing and lip.

At the mo im gonna wait till I get down to, and can maintain, the size/weight I'm aiming for before I get a big piece done.

Mahina Lani - I know what u mean about belly piercings catching on your clothes, twas flippin annoying!!!

Hope everyone is fine and well (loosing weight too!!!)

Summertime, its always nice to see people with their body art out :cool:

Lei xxx


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HI, I HAVE A BIG FLOWER DESIGN DOWN THE RIGHT OF MY BACH AND A DRAGON ON MY GROIN I HAVE HAD MY NOSE LIP AND BELLY oops stupid caps lock done, my belly i had done at 13 and had in for 10 years but i got too big to keep it in it started hurting so i ttook it out when i get back to where i wanna be i'm gonna have it done again.


..doing it!
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Hey princessria :wavey:

Your flower tattoo sounds nice, I adore dragons :) Did it hurt alot when you got yours down there?? (hope you dont mind the question!)

It totally sucks when a tattoo stretches or piercing hurts due to weight gain :cry: thats why ive been soo determined to get back into shape so i can show of some skin :D

Congrats on your weight loss :happy096: i hope all is going well for you :cool:


Lei xx


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I love tattoos! .. and if it wasnt for my OH i think id be fast turning into the tatooed lady! I have 3 so far well 4 but im planning for a cover up :)
Ive a fairy on my right shoulder blade and a fairy leaning over a bubble on my right hip and my new one is my fav i LOVE it! .. its a small blue butterfly on my wrist bone with black scrolling and 4 pink/purple cherry blossoms to reprosent my children, All done by the tatooist free handed own design so i know noone anywhere will have one like it :) ...

My next plan is to have the stupid dolphin covered up on my left shoulder blade! its only tiny but im thinking of having more cherry blossoms sort of climbing up my back :) just dont tell OH


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I have five tattoos and nose, ear and belly button piercings - so guess you could say yes I am into them x

My tattos are:

Punky Tinkerbell on my right ankle with lots of fairy dust and my daughters name - Tara

Purple flowers on a vine on my left foot winding round my ankle and up my leg

A black sun on the small of my back

My oldest tattoo is a small black cat on my right shoulder and my newest a band of pink, purple and black stars round my left wrist. With the letters M (me), T (tara) and J (my oh Jim) trailling down.

When I have lost more weight will definatly have at least another one!

Maz x


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I have my ears pierced twice and 2 tats, one on shoulder saying "wild at heart" and a big on on lower back a bit tribal but does have small bits of colour in, goes right round my back, from buttocks to small of back. Really proud of that one.

Want to have my daughters name on wrist but not got round to it yet.


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I have a Guardian Angel called Emily on the back of my left shoulder, a pink teddy bear on my right ankle and a vine with my kids initials on my inner right wrist.


I WILL be thin!!
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I dont have one of my teddy bear - it was taken from my daughter's headstone.
The angel is her

Her initial is included in this vine with a pink flower.
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They are lovely, sorry about your daughter. How old was she?


I WILL be thin!!
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She was just a baby. Still, as you can see, all my tattoos mean something so I know they are something I wont ever regret, even when I am old and wrinkly :)