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Anyone into Tattoos,Piercings & Body Modification?


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Oh! I :heartpump: tattoos and piercings!

So far I've got 3 tats and 12 piercings! Looking to get more soon though! :party0049:


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Hi Guys,

I have my Ears pierced twice, top of my ear done & my belly button!

I only have 1 tattoo which I got done yrs ago I took a pic of Geri Halliwells star on the top of her back as I wanted that but he said it will become popular so he designed me a star, at least I know no-1 else will have it..

I am currently looking at designs as I want a design on my inner wrist & some stars on my foot..

Would be fab if you could put pics of ya tattoos up peeps.. :D

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I promised my bm i'd get a new piercing if i passed my exams. I did sooo now i have no idea what to get! I have my ears done twice and a pinna at the top. i used to have my belly bar, and i really miss it!

Any ideas?! I can't have facial piercings as i need to make an impression to law firms!

I want two tattoos atm.. but quite scared! I want violets and forget-me-nots to remember my late grandmother, also a small golden snitch. ^.^


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my husband is covered in tattoos and we are in our 50's.
he still looks handsome to me, so go for it and bugger every one else.
i'm a bit of a goth myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Trying to stay positive..
i had to take my last piercing out (tongue) after 6 years of keeping me company. i am planning to get 3 piercings done soon though, nose, sternum and vertical labret. i used to have a nose and sternum piercing, but the sternum rejected and the nose piercing i had to take out to please my mother:) i want to get the vertical labret, but am a bit unsure because i don't want to have to take it out in a few months due to a job... so am still thinking.


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What is the vertical labret?


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i have got a flower on the base of my spine but no others. my only piercings are my ears and nose


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Yeah, I finally got my 2 tattoos done last thursday, Check them out in my albums.. xx


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Very nice Kel, really like your wrist one :D Love the nails too! :)


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wow they are kool.. i have my piercings and a wrist tattoo plus a hand one
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I have more, but they are the best!!
Got 3 on the back of my neck, tongue & septum but i keep my septum ring up cos I look like a bull :D


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Now this is my kinda thread. [:

I have 8 tattoos and 10 piercings.

tattoos - I find them SO addictive. I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday, and had 7 more in the space of a year and a half. Its stupid really. All the ink i have is easy to hide on places like my wrists and my back.

Piercings- So far in my life ive had around 30. Some stayed for years some for days. The shortest amount of time i had a piercing in was when i went for the webbing between my thumb and my index finger pierced. That pain was like no other, i took it out after a grand total of 19 hours. haha. Ive got my ears done 6 times. 2 cartlidge piercings, one in a weird place on my ear that no one can name and an industrial bar. I have my nose, lip and belly button done too. In the past ive had both my wrists peirced, they were my favorite but they dont last long with surface bars. ]:



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I have 2 tattoos, a dolphin riding a wave and a panda.

I have left ear pierced 3 times, right ear twice and belly button.



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I have a pink bow on my wrist and once I lose the weight off my stomach I'd like one on my hip.
Would love to get my nose pierced but my body rejects piercings


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i have


snakebites (two lower lip piercings)


five on my right hand/arm (soon to be a full sleave up to my elbow.. my favs are the big dagger with skull i just had done last week to symbolise my weightloss journey... it has the date i started loosing weight on it... and the music note on side of my hand with mini skull in it...

ive included pics :) xx