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Does anyone else......

Have stumbling blocks like this??
I have not told anyone this... because I needed to get through it.. but now realise I have got over my biggest hurdle!

Every time I have been on a diet for as long as I could remember, I have never got to my 6th week!
I have never worked out exactly why... but as week 6 approached, i would panic, and sabotage all my efforts.
I think it might have had something to do with the fact that I would start to see changes in the way I looked and suddenly panic... after all I have been big for so long, that was what was safe and familiar to me.

Soooo anyway,,, last week was week 5 for me.... and I did get all the anxieties flooding back... I have seen big changes in my body and was so scared that it would go all pear shaped... but this time I never actually felt that i would go off plan.
Now I am coming to the end of week 6 and the last 2 days have been really traumatic for me and it was only yesterday after I wrote my blog that i realised that I have gone and beaten my 6 week Gremlins....
I just really know that at long last I really am happy for these changes to be taking place and feel strong enough at last to take control of my life...

The reason I am saying this, is because sometimes people PM me or message me elsewhere and tell me that I am so strong, and that they wish they were this strong, but the truth is, I am not strong! I struggle like everyone else and have my demons too.... But I now know that the only way to beat the demons, is to embrace them, look them in the eye and tell yourself that you just don';t need them anymore....

I now feel really positive again...
But am interested if anyone else has a particular number of weeks or a particular weight that often causes a psychological issue for them or causes them to fall off plan?

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Well done!

My stumbling block was getting past 13st 8lbs. It's where I got to last year, then kept sabotaging myself for ages and got no further. So to get past that and head towards the 12's was a huge milestone for me :)

Keep going :) xx

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Tilly, it's the fact that you have faced all this that makes you strong and why people tell you that you are. When I look at other peoples losses wether good or bad.......most will have struggled at some point.

The things we want most in this life are the things that scare us most and the most difficult to get. But when you achieve them it's worth more than anything



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Well done hon.. so pleased you got through it . Your doing fab!!

& yes I did used to get that too.. when I have done prevoius diets in recent years.. I do up to 4/6 weeks lose a stone people tell me Im starting to look good go again stay the same and then dont bother going back!!!! I think you get to a stage where you so want it you just dont give up and thats where I am at now and it sounds like you are too hon ..

Well done you xxx


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Oh Tillyfloss I have been exactly the same. What you have put is exactly the same way I have been. With me its the 11 stone mark.

Everytime I get there I have failed, and put half a stone back on. This week I have beaten it and have got to 10.13, but its been hard going.

I still have no idea why I kept failing though, but I'm so glad to find that someone else has been the same.

I do know that we should be proud of ourselves. Its not an easy journey we are on, but we are getting there.


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Yep Tilly! Feel exactly the same!
Mine is when I've lost 2 stone (which I've hit this week - eek!)
I tend to lose all interest and start cheating.
Not this time though!!!! I will succeed!!!!!


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I talked to my CDC yesterday and realised that I started sabotaging on week 3 last time! Bits of chicken here and there.
As a result, it took me 19 weeks to lose what I have lost in 4 this time round - shocking!

Well done Tilly for realising that the 6 week mark was an issue for you and for getting through it this time.
It must be a big motivator to know that you have conquered it.


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For the last 2 years I have started dieting around October time-usually because I am desperate to fit into my ski clothes for my holiday in December. In that 3 months I have had to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and really curb my eating, to lose about a stone, or no more than a stone and a half. I usually manage to not put any on over Christmas, or even on holiday itself as we walk a lot in the snow, but when I get back it all goes wrong. It's usually been such hard work sticking to the diet that I cannot get myself motivated again. This time round there won't be any panic dieting. I've already passed my usual stone and a half loss and I WILL already be slim for my holiday and should be maintaining by then. I shouldn't feel that I have got to get back on a diet when I get back from my holiday. If I follow the plans at the end of this diet I should be ok.
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Yep Tilly! Feel exactly the same!
Mine is when I've lost 2 stone (which I've hit this week - eek!)
I tend to lose all interest and start cheating.
Not this time though!!!! I will succeed!!!!!
Those are my words exactly!!!!!:eek:


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S: 20st13lb C: 19st3lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 1st10lb(8.19%)
S: 16st0lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 4st9lb(29.02%)
I am 2lb away from losing 2stone and i could feel myself yesterday thinking about having a chicken breast for tea. Now I know it's not a bad thing but thats NOT what I want to do I am doing SS not SS+ then I realised what was going on in my head, the beginnings of a sabbotage.


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Yep - many of the comments on this post and replies could have come from me.

Self sabotage is the pits and for me sits so well with low self esteem and self worth.

Really well done to everyone for getting past their sticking points. I need to get past half way of this first 12 weeks and I will be past mine.

I gave a relatively high target weight (well above my target on here) to my CDC - she hasn't written it on my book in pen as she believes that I can exceed that. I doubted her at first, but now.... who knows.


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i totally understand what you mean,
for me it aint a certain weight, or weeks, it's when people start to comment or if i am getting extra attention because i am loosing weight , i then turn on the self destruction of diet button.
and do you know what is funny i have only noticed this on this diet, when i think back to previous diets the pattern is there, time after time, but i never gave it a thought.


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mine is when i have actually lost the weight! Oddly, i dont find losing weight hard when i am focused...but i got down to 13st7 last year and then got complacent and put loads of weight back on, hence being back on CD.
I love being slim, but i just feel like its a doddle and then lose that focus and eat crap constantly!
I am not so scared at the moment, but my terror will kick in when i am close to goal!
We all have our demons hun and your doing amazingly to face them and crash through that wall!
Keep up the good work hun and skip round the walls as the present themselves while thinking of the skinny dress your going to buy! :)



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Well done tilly

I haven't really thought much abot it tbh, but I am now at 11st 2lb only 2lb off the lowest weight I have ever been in years:) I was 11st when I feel pg with dd2 in Dec 2003, it's scarey, I am feeling so low and struggling today, so your post makes lots and lots of sence!

I got married in 2000 and went up to 11st, then lost some then after ds1 2002 dropped from 12st to 11st

My goal when I started cd was 11st

do you sence my pattern lol!!

but I don't want to stay here, even though I do feel fab, I want to be 10st so in healthy weigh range for my height, I want to shout I AM NO LONGER OVERWEIGHT:D (it felt fab getting out of the obese)

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