Anyone just started? want a buddy?


Hi, i am on my 4th day of LL and wondered if anyone else has started around the same time as me?
This board is helping me so much! i've been on it everyday since starting because i know that the first week will be the hardest and having a buddy would be even better! :) i need to lose 3.5st by June and i know i can achieve this if i stick to it!
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well done Sal. The first couple of weeks are defnitely the toughest. This board has really helped me through the gighes and lows. I have lost just over 4 stones since 24th October. You stick with it and that three and half stone will probably have gone by the end of your foundation period.

Good look and enjoy the journey.


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Hi Sal..
I'm in week 3 / day 15 and happy to be your buddy..or one of them.. how's it going? I lost 18lbs in the first 2weeks so am totally over the moon.. people have alreday commented! i'd like to lose around 7 stone in total so it may take a while but not compared to how long it would take on other diets so I'm more than pleased with that!

How are you finding the packs? Faves? Have you had adrop in? Did you test for Ketosis?

Take care..


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S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Hey Sal I'm just finishing day 7 and have just switched from LL to CD, I'll be your buddy if you like :) xx


awww, thanks ladies :eek:
my favourite pack so far is the chocolate i add a sweetner to it and have it hot. yum yum ;) will get some more of those and try the mushroom flavour too.
didn't go to the pop-in which was today so won't know how much i've lost until our meeting on wednesday night. hoping that it's 6lb then i will be dead on 14st at the beginning of March. :)