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anyone know a substitue for rice???


Just about on the wagon!
Hi Brewanne,

Rice itself isn't bad, it's just that when we have curry we have pilau which is cooked in oil. I'm not sure from your post if you're cooking the curry yourself or eating out.

If you're cooking it yourself, then you can use brown rice as this is very healthy, or another grain like couscous.

If you're eating in a restaurant, then I try and keep away from anything in a sauce where possible, for example having chicken or lamb tikka (not tikka masala) which is basically chicken or lamb on a skewer, poppadums with onion salad (chutney not so good!), and veg like cauliflower etc. That way there's no harm in a bit of rice - just either share a portion or eat half.

At the end of the day, you need to enjoy yourself every so often so you don't feel deprived, it's just learning to have a bit of control - something I am wearing very big L plates for at the mo!!

Enjoy your evening and enjoy your curry! ;)

L xx


Just about on the wagon!
PS Forgot to say - chips is not a good alternative - probably just as fattening if not more so than the rice! :(

L xx
lol well i'm cooking, and i usually use boil in the bag rice whch is 250 kcals per half bag or something like that, and i just want something thats gonna be a little bit less i think half bag is 75g, .....hmm oh well lol, it'll be nice to have a curry so it doesn't matter haha


Just about on the wagon!
:D Ah, so no frying the rice- well in that case, I think it will be ok, just make sure you have the half portion or less - and enjoy it and don't feel guilty! You can always have fruit later on, or be extra good tomorrow.

L xx



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How about brown/wholemeal rice? It takes half an hour to cook, just boil it in loads of water and seive it afterwards. It's high fibre so you'll absorb less calories!
I did South Beach for a while, and a delicious alternative to rice is the following -
quarter head of cauliflour
spray cooking oil.
grate the cauliflour florets, (when you get to the stalks, it looks less like rice, but it still tastes ok). Now personally I just like to stirfry the cauli like this, but some of the recipes called for steaming or boiling for a few mins first. spray a wok or frying pan, and add cauli, and keep turning it til its heated. I used to add some curry powder, but basically just treat it the same as rice. Yum.
And I know it sounds weird, but it is really nice, and I used to give to family and they loved it, even kids who didnt like cauli!!!
ps, cauliflour can also be used instead of mash potato, steam til soft, add bit lf spread, and a spoon of marvel dried milk. Again, its yummy.


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Yum - the cauliflower sounds like a yummy alternative!! Liking the brown rice idea too - basmati is good too (think it's a lower gi than long grain??)

Maybe you could have couscous as another alternative?

What about just putting the curry over boiled potatoes.
I always used to love pilau rice, but then I bought a rice cooker and I use Tilda rice its really delicious
wow.....that cauliflower things sounds really nice. I would have never thought of making that as an alternitive.
Usually when im making a curry, i bulk the curry up soooo much with veg, and some chickpeas, that i usually just eat it with some chapati bread.......which is also very low in calories.
The chickpeas are also very low GI, and keep you feeling very full.

you could also try putting the curry o ntop of bean sprouts, the bean sprouts are very low in calories and you still get a crunch especially if you dont cook them for two long
love dawn


Wannabe Lean!!!
I'm so pinching that cauli idea! :D I was going to suggest Brown Rice, Cous Cous or Quinoa? I love brown rice and brown basmati is even better for you and goes ace with curry :)

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