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Anyone know any good work out DVD's


Strong women stay slim
How many of you are doing DVD's for a work out , or are they doing there on made up work out , i've just started to do a work out over the last 3 days , as i've seen what happens to people who have lost the weight and not tonned up , its mostly the tummy that looks saggy and hanging , i used to go to the gym and they say if you go 3 times a week it will take you 6 weeks to notice .
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Strong women stay slim
Do i take it nobody is tonning up.... shame on you all :) But really i do know how hard it can be ... you will be fine after first few days ... come on ... come on lol
I like all of Davina's and Janine's from eastenders but cant remember her real name but i tend to use the gym more x


Strong women stay slim
yes i do like Davina , can't really do an hour at the moment but as the pounds drop off i will be able to as i did before . I was going to get that DVD out last christmas the woman from Corrie , she really has lost inches
I used to do one called salsacise, like a sort of dance one think it was tracy shaw (used to be maxine in corrie)
It was good fun, not sure if you can still get it though x
You could try Davinas 'my 3 30 minute workouts', each one is half an hour long one is pump, one is cardio box and the other is core stability - perfect for toning tummies!!

I tend to rotate my dvd's incase I get bored but I do:

Charlie Brooks - aerobic workout
Rosemary Conley - all round aerobic workout

Mark Anthony's "once a week workout for women" This is fantastic for toning - it uses small weights, and gym balls - great results though...my thighs are now 19" They have never been that size before.

I do one for the gym ball (I can't remember the name) which is good for toning without feeling like you are working too hard at it (also great if you have a bad back - very gentle)

I also attend a weekly aerobics class which is quite intensive.

Good luck with whatever you can do in the limited time you have.


Strong women stay slim
They sound good half hour is my limit hehe
Lenny thats great... i did have a ball until my son left it in the garden 2 months ago and someone took a shine to it , must of been someone who fancied a work-out hehe


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I like Davina too - you should do the abs every time but the other bits just once or twice a week so you don;t have to do the full hour - I just did the legs one day, the bums 2 days later and the arms twice a week when I started out as I couldn't even get through the minute long hi NRG bits!


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i like the weightwathers one with Clare Sweeny, its broken down into 5 minute blocks that concentrate on a different activity. there is some quite intense cardio stuff but its mostly pilates based so you dont have to hammer it to see the difference. the bonus is you can pick and choose which routine you do and also the length of the workout.

If Im feeling very fit then i love the ministry of sound ones, those girls are incredible!
I love Davina, but Ive just borrowed Tanya from footballers wives little black dress, its really good, some tough bits but I felt like Id had a really good work out. Its in 10 minute sections so I dont get bored either.

I do a street dance class on a monday and then DVD's the rest of the time


Back to the grindstone!!
Har, har, I have an old video copy of the Jane Fonda workout and it's so cheesy that it makes me smile every time I do it!!! Dig those leg warmers!!
That and Davina's 30min workouts and Kate from BB's boxing workout. All fun and make me smile!


Strong women stay slim
Do you remember Mr Motorvater , Is that how you spell it ? And Lizzie in the mornings lol . Thats in the days i didn't need them lol , yes i think she had the leg warmers on too . Those were the days my friends we thought they never end , come on sing it with me guys lol
I am another jane fonda fan
in fact i PAID to have my old JF videos put onto dvd
( she has a set of three dvds available on amazon now - the US ssite at least - havent checked the uk one)
I am starting to do them again this week ( famous last words lol ) - low impact aerobics and original aerobics
If you can get you hands on it she also has an old 'walkout' audio tape thats fab


Hi there

I have used some really good vones from Rosemary Connoly in the past - I bought the DVD by Vikki Entwistle (from Corrie) earlier in the year and now that I have lost a bit of weight I will think about using it - very aerobic with some Tae-bo moves.

Daisydee x:)


Strong women stay slim
Yes Vikki , i was going to get her DVD last christmas and what with money and buying christmas presents i never did . But she did so well .

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