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Anyone know anything about computers?

Was typing away on the computer when I did something and now my keyboard is completely locked I've been trying to work out for a couple of hours what I pressed but to no avail and of course I can't ask Microsoft for help as I can't type in my question.....getting really fed up.

Incidentally, I'm on my iPad now!

Anyone got any ideas? I've tried rebooting and all the usual things.......
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Hun.. I just googled it and someone said hold shift down for 10 seconds, then restart computer
I don't know if that works but is worth a try...
I will keep checking back on this thread to see if it works. If it hasn't let me know and i will explore google more.. Good luck x x
Thanks babe, will give it a try.....would use Paul's but it's a Mac and I have only just got the hang of windows vista.......Paul got a new computer for his birthday and gave me his....supposed to be a lot better but I'm not so sure! My old one was slow, sure, but at least I knew what I was doing on it!
lol.. Let me know hun x x
No it hasn't worked......getting fed up and it's freezing up here in the study....gonna give up and wait until Paul comes home....will doubtless get a bollocking cos I've broken something!
Is it a laptop? What operating system are you using? Let me know and i will try google again x x
Hi, if it is not a laptop try switching the pc off unplugging the keyboard and then plugging it back in again. Restart the pc. Does the number lock or caps lock leds light up ? Try pressing the num lock to see if num lock lights. If it does not light up then the hardware ( electronics of keyboard or PC ) have gone wrong otherwise the keyboard has been disabled by the Windows software.

If it is a laptop then they often have a hot key sequence the Fn button and some other key that switches the keyboard on and off.

Good luck