Anyone know BSL (British Sign Language)?


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Weird request I know :)

I want my choir to perform a piece at Christmas in sign language as a surprise for a deaf lady who will be attending.

I'm okay on most of it, but stuck on a few words. Anyone use it here? I'm assuming BSL is the main one used?

I've search the BSL online dictionaries, but they haven't got some of these words. I guess my best bet would be to see what our main library can offer, but I thought I'd ask here first.

Pierce?? Anyone??
I did some sign language when I was in primary school (oh so many years ago) and I could not tell you the type/version we used.

As far as I know from watching the sign-language programs on tv, teenagers going to camps that have people coming from around the world can communicate with each other. Even if your native language was english to read, you can sign to somebody who reads russian.

Sign language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

that has some information, but please use the references as wikipedia is very inaccurate.

What I would recomend you do is, im sure theres some "social' group that meets up together for parents and people trying to learn sign-language. I would think they are the best, and who knows might teach the choir for you for some publicity?

Funny you should ask that, I am starting a sign language course tomorrow evening, if you get stuck, let me know what you need to do know and Ill ask the teacher!
Yes I do, what do you want to know?
Well I'll be jiggered! Fancy that. I really didn't think anyone would reply :rolleyes:

Okay. I have a few words. I know them in American Sign Language, but I didn't think they were the same as BSL Pierce:confused:

My problem will be solved if it is the same as the ASL online dictionary is huge.

Will check ol' Wiki in a mo (just returned from gym and famished)

My words - though I bet it would be blooming hard to explain by message, but here goes:-

Thank you Angela! I have about 200 kids singing and it would be wonderful to do this for her.
Hi K

Sorry can't help you out with the sign language, but just wanted to say what a lovely idea it is :p

The lady will be chuffed, hope the kids enjoy it :D
The kids will love doing it. They love singing anyway, and especially when they can do 'actions'.

I've written a couple of mad Christmas songs to do, but this one is gentle and sweet.....unlike the kiddiewinkles, but we'll use our imaginations ;)

Think even Father Whatsamacallit will like it ;)
Hi Karion,

ASL and BSL are not the same although some signs will be identical or similar, as are many signed languages across the world. ASL and BSL are really different in the finger spelling - BSL is 2 handed and ASL is single handed.

BSL is highly regional just as spoken English has strong dialects, so does BSL. So first of all what region are you in? Is the deaf visitor also from your region and if not from where does she originate?

It will be easier to get the signing right if I know the context of the words - is it possible to PM the entire song to me so I can make sure I give you the right signs?

Oh, thank you, thank you. I'll pm you now.

Just seen how much weight you've lost!

Blimey woman....don't go disappearing before you've helped me out will you :D

All the best with your performance, baba :D

Speaking of BSL, I have been thinking of learning it for a while now... I have a local group who run a 37 wk course :)

How difficult is it to learn?

I've never learnt it properly as I tend to lip read (badly!) and say "sorry" a lot.

Lessons are free down here, but always when I'm teaching :(

I can fingerspell though:D
Ah bless you Karion - I've a weigh (hahaha) to go yet - with my fat rolls there's no chance of me disappearing anywhere! This last stone and a bit is the very devil - I keep losing a bit then gaining a bit - this last stone has taken as long as the first 3 did together.
Anyway, if I can keep it off as well as you've done I shall be well happy!

Hi Ols - BSL is quite easy to learn, people who are into acting find it really easy (I'm not and so found it harder) as it's very visually expressive. I just felt like a right dork half of the time:eek: Practise is important too - that's what I lack.
Good luck if you try it!