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Anyone know - which Diet is this ????

Something has puzzled me since last week - when I went for my monthly blood test at the hospital and I had to tell the Rheumatology Monitoring Nurse that I was on CD - she asked if it was the diet where you had to have a blood test first? She had had folks in whom had had this done!

I cannot fathom which diet this could possibly be?

Which diet do you have to have a blood test first? Anyone know?

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i've heard of it..somethin to do with ur blood group and what foods u can eat. There was a post on here somewhere talking about it.
There is a diet someone was talking about the other day that requires blood tests and then they create you a "personal" diet which avoids foods you react against etc. Can't remember what it was called now but sure someone will remember.



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There's one that advertises in our local rag called Sure slim, you have a blood test for that, don't quote me but was told it was about £300!

thats the one !!!


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my m8 mum is on sure slim and is doing really well lost 3 stone in 8 weeks i was gonna give it a try by just using her diet sheet but decided with WW instead
Yes I'd heard Martine McCutcheon did that diet - she looked great for a while but her weight goes up and down bless her...
Found the site -

They are basically paying for a low-fat diet plan!!! Very expensive way of doing it!

The blood test is gobbledegook to make the client think that it is all worth the money!!!

The eating plan is most likely to work because of the thoughts of losing £400+ if you don't stick to the diet!!! Money is always a big incentive!!!!

'SureSlim is a successful international weight and wellness company. It is based on scientific research into nutrition, metabolic processes, and hormone regulation. SureSlim corrects your glucose metabolism so you can lose weight fast and for life.

All SureSlim clients have a comprehensive blood test, which looks at you as an individual. The blood test is not a food intolerance test. This is a fasting blood test, testing your full blood count, liver and kidney function, lipids, glucose, and thyroid function. A copy of your blood test will be provided for your GP to ensure your notes are always up to date. The SureSlim doctor screens your blood test for abnormalities and the results of your test are used to design a weight-loss programme for you.'

'You receive:

Comprehensive Blood Test
Personalized Eating Plan
Complete Weight-loss programme
Complimentary Weekly Weigh-ins and One-on-One Consultations (until you reach your goal weight in five to 12 months)
Lifestyle programme (to maintain your weight loss)

The cost of the SureSlim Programme is between £395.00* and £495.00* depending upon which clinic you visit. Variation in cost is due to local Phlebotomy and Blood Testing. The cost includes your comprehensive Blood Test, our Doctor's Fee, your SureSlim Programmes, and VAT where applicable. Clinics provide complimentary one to one consultations throughout your agreed weight loss period. There are no additional payments or hidden costs. (*Payment plans are available in most clinics - please ask for details.)'

my m8 mum is on sure slim and is doing really well lost 3 stone in 8 weeks i was gonna give it a try by just using her diet sheet but decided with WW instead

Kidology!! Pure and simple!!

Sorry but it is!!!

Folks stick to the diet because of the amount of outlay they have had to make to invest in their weight loss!

The same reason that folks don't smoke after paying £300 for a hypnosis session - the sheer enormity of the fee makes them want to remain a non-smoker!

If they had to pay WW the £5 or whatever per week as a yearly fee up front their success rate would rocket too!!

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