Anyone know why I'm hungry?


I'm hoping that one of you might be able to advice me on what has happened recently. For the past two days I've been starving hungry!

I am on week 9 of LighterLife and went into ketosis on day 3. I have not had any food since I started, don't chew gum, or drink anything other than water and the very occasional coffee or tea.

Up until recently, I rarely felt hungry, perhaps the odd tummy rumble when I'm due a pack. But all of a sudden, I feel absolutely starving hungry!!!

The only thing I have done differently is that for the past two weeks I stopped having so many bars as I'm not enjoying them. I regularly cook some of my packs but have been doing this for about 4 weeks.

I drink between 4 and 6 litres of water a day, and will keep doing so as I know this will help. But, I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any theory's on this change.
Hi Shadow

ive just posted a similar post on DH as im feeling exactly the on week 7 and my every thought is around food...thankfully i havent strayed and i know i wont but its getting on my nerves..i just want it to stop !!!

i woke up this morning with my stomach rumbling and i want even hungry but i know if i dont have my pack as soon as i get up then hunger will kick in big time....ive started to drink fizzy water to see if this fills me up a bit longer..which it has done but like you i cant understand why im feeling like this :(

Seems strange that we are both going through this change all of a sudden!

Hopefully someone will come along with their words of wisdome and tell us whats going on but if not, I'll ask my LLC tomorrow at my WI and post on our DH thread to let you know what she says.

At the end of the day, I can cope with being hungry if it makes me thin....but I preferred it when I wasn't hungry!

:( :( :( :cool:
Hmmm - this is a strange one but I don't think it's an isolated situation. I've occasionally gone through 'hungry' phases usually lasting only a few days (thankfully!). No idea what causes it but as you say, it's frustrating and annoying.

In my case, it passed each time and everything was back to normal within a day or two. (I've been on CD for 20 weeks by the way)

Perhaps you could consider splitting your packs so you have smaller meals more frequently: that's the only thing I can suggest - sorry it's nothing revelational!

Well done for managing to down so much water (I can never manage to get that much down in a day!) - it's bound to be helping.

Hope the phase passes for you very soon!
ooo.. a bit of a tricky one actually! I'm not sure what to say cos it seems like you're drinking quite a bit, I hope it passes soon :)
I wondered... are you 'cooking' more than one pack a day?
It might be that now you have stopped bars your body still wants the extra few callories and goodness you got with bars.
If you stop cooking and go pure for a week, see what happens. that might just be enough to trick your body into thinking it has got what it usually has.
just a thought
It's amaising to think that you're body is such a well honed machine now that you can notice even the little differences. It's a positive step towards being able to hear your food and body needs when you are off SS ing. Wow aren't our body's amaising things.
I litterally never knew where my stomach was until this diet. I'd got it pegged as being where my belly was fat not to the left and up a bit. came as a bit of a shock!
I know, I agree with you there!

I never used to feel any sensations of hunger or fullness! Therefore I didn't know when I needed to eat, so would just eat whenever I felt like it. Food was always for enjoyment and never for energy or nutrition. I also didn't experience feelings of fullness very often so could binge eat for as long as I wanted to.

I suppose with this in mind, it's kind of nice and reassuring to feel my stomach rumble now.

I'm not looking forward to going back to eating conventional food, as I find lots of things so addictive and I suppose I'm scared I'll get out of control again.

It did cross my mind that this might be the problem. I cook two packs a day now as I was struggling to eat all my packs normally.

If I'm still feeling the same tomorrow I'll try what you have suggested.

Shadow x

Hi Shadow,

I feel your problem has to do with cooking your packs.

This can happen also when you are not taking your recommended packs and miss a few days...the hunger feeling breaks through this is what happened with me when I first started as I found it difficult to finish the packs as I felt so full and started to miss one here and there and after two weeks or so of this the hunger feeling started, but once I got into the routine of taking all my meals it went away again.

It is definitely recommended that you should not cook more than one a day.

The bars are more filling and satisfying I found, it probably has more to do with chewing...

Have you tried dividing them up so that you can take them throughout the day...

I find having a set routine works best for for breakfast, dinner and tea.
I too went through a time on SS when I suddenly felt hungry. I had not done anything to cause it, it just happened.

The feeling really could be psychosomatic, with me I really think it was. To combat it, I upped my water - the options are as I am sure you will agree, somewhat limited on SS.

I can not think how you would have drifted out of ketosis to get real hunger pangs. Although of course, some people do still feel hungry even if they are in ketosis.

Stick with it buddy, I'm sure you are anyway.
I'm glad Brad wrote that because I went through exactly the same thing and my tummy even started to rumble. This happend in the week after 2nd august which was my 73rd day. I out it down to the fact that I had discovered I was a size 14 and so mentally wanted to stop dieting as I already fitted in with the general population even though I was still over weight.

I got through it and am still going with no cheating.

I'm sure this will pass for both of you too so please don't compromise on your goal because the easy times are just around the corner :)
Thanks for the support everyone. It's nice to hear that others have experienced the same thing.

Like you mini, there have been days when I have skipped the odd pack as I've been full but have stopped doing this now.

I will probably continue to cook the packs however as this is what keeps me on the straight and narrow and I don't want to rock any boats.

I'm interested in what Brad and Chicken wrote about it being psychosymatic. It seems a strange that these hunger pangs have coincided with me feeling irritated that I am the only one in my group to have not eaten. I'm wondering if it's my chatterbox telling me to go for it!

The mind is a powerful thing!

Thanks again people! :cool:
Hi Shadow

Just joined this forum from DH and was interested to read on how you've been hungry. If i remember rightly from the other Forum you and I started around the same time and I too am on Week 9. I was only saying to my Counseller last night that for some reason I have been STARVING and if my willpower wasn't as strong as it was, I would have definately eaten for Britain. I just put it down to the TOTM next week as I always eat the week before. I don't drink as much water as you but quite noticeably my stomach has been making these gurling and embarrasing sounds which does make you think you are hungry and you are constantly looking around for things to eat. On one of the days, I too had 2 bars microwaved as biscuits and had them with a black tea which satisfied me but it put me back one of the other days when I didn't have any bars left so I ended up in bed at 9.00pm because I couldn't cope with the feeling.

The 'starving feeling' has worn off slightly today but it does leave you feeling rather vunerable.

Keep glugging the water, Im sure this will help. I am increasing mine.

Thanks Carolyn,

I get hungry before my TOTM too and at the time I was feeling hungry I knew it couldn't be that that was wrong.

However, I've now discovered that my TOTM is no longer monthly but every 3 weeks for some reason, so I think maybe that was the reason for the hunger after all.

I've heard of others having an eratic monthly cycle on LL so I know it is fairly normal and I can cope with that.

But feel a whole lot happier now knowing there was a reason for the hunger pangs.