Anyone know why we cheat????

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by kellyv81, 4 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. kellyv81

    kellyv81 Full Member

    Hi Ladies!...oh and gents!
    Just wondered if anyone knows WHY we cheat??
    I have no idea why I just think "oh that won't hurt" I've done so well last week and have arranged to have one day a week off with cdc (Family day) but I had two :break_diet:
    I'm SO cross with myself knowing I'll now have to go through the hole 1st week again.

    I have my WI on Wednesday and I'm going to work my hardest to lose some weight!
    Not sure how much it'll be now seeing as I've been STUPID.
    I did hope for 4 lbs this week but now I've only got 5 days to do it in so fingers crossed I do it!!!
    Is 4lbs way off or can it be done?

    Sorry...rant over!
    Hope you are all having a good week!
    x x x x x
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  3. coley144

    coley144 Creating my life

    People 'cheat' for all sort of reasons:

    - Because they just want to eat
    - Because they are scared of losing the weight
    - Because they are stressed
    - Because they are lonely
    - Because they miss eating
    - Because the diet is hard
    etc etc etc....There are as many reasons as there are people. The question is - why did you cheat and what can you do to prevent it next time?
  4. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Don't beat yourself up - let's face it CD is very extreme diet and equaly difficult. Our bodies are not design to starve - sooner or later you'll be tricked into eating regardless of what you initially planned.
    I have tried CD and I know I could never push myself so far hence I know how amazing is just sticking to this diet for a while. Keep up a good work and good luck to you xxx
  5. trisha

    trisha likes to post

    wish I knew why we cheat, I know with me my head tells me not to be my hands and mouth don't listen!
  6. boardwitless

    boardwitless Silver Member

    I found that SS was the diet I cheated on least - mainly because I knew that ANYTHING over and above the CD meals was a cheat - unlike calorie counting, WW, SW etc where you can have bits and pieces as long as you count them. I also thought of the money each week - if I ate something I shouldn't, it might have cost me an extra week on the diet, therefore, was the biscuit really worth £38?
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  7. Mrs Taurus

    Mrs Taurus Silver Member

    I cheated last night for the 1st time because I felt sorry for myself,got a list as long as my arm why,but basically they are all excuses. When Mr T said 'Aah love you need a glass of wine' I used it as a perfect excuse to have a bottle and enough peanuts to feed a herd of elephants.Luckily I haven't put on,but I feel even more pants than I did yesterday....the guilt aint worth it.
    I am fine when I have planned to come off plan,I was due to come off plan tonight,but in-laws ill so can't go(one of my many reasons for feeling sorry forself),but this is my 1st fall in almost 14 weeks or is it 15????
    However on the plus side haven't gained,did show some control last night as only ate peanuts simply to soak up the plonk,and don't like em that much so I knew I would be able to stop eating them. Didn't raid the fridge,share hubby's tea or ask him to get me any nibbles to go with the wine...and chose red wine coz I knew I cannot drink it like pop,as I do with white.
    So I have dusted myself down and climbed back on my beloved cd horse until xmas,and proud that although I made a slip up had some control over it and put it behind me.
    I felt disloyal to all my fellow minimins members and lovely cdc,I woke up at 6 with the guilt.
    We cheat when we find excuses to is my long winded answer!x
  8. Suzie_

    Suzie_ Full Member

    Aw... {{{hugs}}} to all those of us who feel rubbish cos we cheated (including me :rolleyes:)

    I think the problem with diets full stop is that we eat for so many other reasons than sustenance.

    It's a social event, it fills time, it gets us through happy and sad times, being full makes us feel better, we associate nice food with good times, etc. It's not just food you have to give up - it's everything that you associate with it. Now those things are habitual and habits can be changed, but most of us have had those habits for a lifetime - it's gonna take time.

    Let's not be too hard on ourselves - cos it's not going to help, is it? Let's pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and try to get it right again today!!

    You can't fail if you don't give up trying...
  9. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Perfect Answer

    I am just like BW,

    I have a great deal of difficulty counting calories, etc. and portion control is so difficult for me. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach, but once it's on my plate I feel compelled to eat it. I could on and on about food management pitfalls. I found that after years of trying to lose the weight and failing, that it was only through SSing and having to weigh at weekly meetings (accountibility) that I was finally able to take it off.

    Some has come back -- because I have not learned how to manage my weight, yet, but I am working on getting it off and managing it.

    So, back to your question "Why do We Cheat" -- I think a lot of people use food for so much more than nutrition: reward, comfort, compensation, etc. So, depending upon what is going on at the time your reasons will vary. But, keeping a journal and making yourself write down why it is you want to eat and then thinking about it before you do, might help you to not cheat.

    Here's a thought: KellyV, don't have a "cheat day" next week. Make yourself earn it. So, no Cheat next week, and if you stick to plan reward yourself with a reasonable one the next.

  10. Fattack

    Fattack Likes to eat

    I agree with all of this.

    Also: I don't really cheat (apart from a couple of cocktail sausages the other week when i was STARVING!) because I know the faster I lose, the faster I can go back to food :D
  11. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Mince -- You're 1/2 way how cool!

    Hi Mince,

    I saw on your ticker that you're 28.5 off and 28.5 to go. How cool is that! Congrats.:happy096:


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