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Anyone know??

Hi Chaps,

Does anyone know whether it is possible to remain in ketosis after a brief binge? Or perhaps (more likely), get back into ketosis within 12 hours of said binge?

One of our group members is convinced that her recent brief binge (basically ate normally one day) has not affected her ketosis or if it did she was 'back in' again about 12 hours later - complete with cold hands and feet etc.

All wise views welcomed.

Curious Possum

p.s. But before all the purists get going I am aware that

a) this is against the theory and

b) that all those who binge deserve to lose their place in the 'Big K club' - I just want to know if it is physiologically possible.
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After my binge/purge a couple of weeks ago, I fell out of and back into ketosis but I couldn't begin to tell you the timescales. As my LLC would say, you'd have to centrifuge and test all of your wee for a day to work it out exactly!


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I have been out of ketosis and back in within a day, I have also eaten on several occasions and not quite come out of ketosis at all, basically i think it depends on how much she ate and how much of that was carbs.


has started again!!
My stick rarely shows any colour lately, whether I have binged or not. I think it really is dependent on your own particular body and how it assimilates food.
yes if she just ate protein I think she would have stayed in ketosis.... or if she only ate a tiny amount of carbs - after all the shakes and bars contain some carbs and you remain in ketosis eating them.....
completely agree with mrs pink. That is the roots of the atkins diet, eating protein and a small amount of carbs (veg, salad etc) generally 20 - 40g means you remain in ketosis. If she didnt eat too much carbs then she would have stayed in ketosis.
If she did eat a lot of carbs then she would re-enter ketosis after her body burned the food energy and then went back to the body energy