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Anyone Lactose Intollerant/IBS?


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Just wondering if anyone else on here is either Lactose Intollerant or suffers from IBS, or both?
If so what do you do for cheese allowance etc? I'd love to eat all the free cottage cheese and quark but am scared to try it in case I'm ill. I've read that cottage cheese doesn't have lactose in it but not sure if my IBS makes me sensitive to the whole milk product and not just the lactose :S
I usually can eat goats cheese but this is synned I think so won't be wasting syns on that!
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Thanks Squiddie, Yeah I do have soya milk, Rice milk is a bit watery to have on cereal. have you ever tried Goats milk? it's rank! and what's Sheep Music? lol :)

It was the cheese products I was asking about though really. I think I'm going to try some cottage cheese and see how I am with that. I used to love it before I was Lactose intollerant :( sigh


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Hiya Clare82 i suffer with IBS really bad, i've just recently tried Quark and also laughing cow extra light triangles and i've had no problems. :)
My daughter is severly lactose intolerant and I am a bit, so we have the full range of dairy free choices in our house ! Whilst i was still feeding her I went completely dairy free to prevent her from reacting to my milk.

Rice milk is horrid, but strangely tastes nice with rice crispies. Not very SW friendly though. I couldn't get on with soya milk unless in hot chocolate, so just used to have it at Starbucks or whatever when out with mummy buddies. Otherwise, I stuck to diet coke !

The dairy free cheeses are ok. Toffutti can be used like Philly - it melts into a cheese sauce for pasta and so on. The processed non cheese slices are also ok and nice with something i.e. on burgers, in a cheese and ham toastie or whatever. The blocks of dairy free cheese are pretty rank imo, but my daughter loves it.

Sweedish Glace ice cream is quite nice, especially the chocolate one.

What else are you missing ?

On SW, I'm not using my HExA's every day as I don't have milk on or in anything, and just have a couple of Babybel occasionally.


Trying again!!!
I have Crohns and IBS and avoid dairy products as much as I can, I'm lucky in the fact that I don't like milk or butter and am not overly keen on cream or yogurts but I do like cheese. Under no circumstances can I take goats cheese but I have been using Quark and Laughing cow extra light triangles and so far so good! xx


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Wow that's really interesting, I think it may be the fat content in normal cheese and milk as I've had 2 servings of Tesco Low fat cottage cheese now and no effects so far, this was on Saturday night and Last night. This has opened up a whole new world for me. I've just had a vanilla choc sprinkle Muller Light and am going to see if I react to it. It may be I just can't have full fat dairy products?
Where do you find Quark as I've never seen it?
i have crohns and not dairy free as i tried and did not make a difference but i did have feta as its not cow product and i think you can have it as an a option and is lovely

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