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Anyone lapsed then gone on to succeed?

S: 12st4lb G: 10st0lb
I'm on my 2nd week of LL and I've really messed up this weekend. During the week,it's so easy for me to stick to LL. Weekends are full of temptation and this weekend (today) I really was bad. I've had popcorn at the cinema - we walked by the refreshments stand on purpose and then got given free popcorn because we were in the VIP bit! My boyfriend was chomping away and I just gave in and had some (about 5 handfuls!!!) and then when I was making my daughter macaroni cheese...I served hers, put the leftovers in a dish in the rubbish bag to throw away. When she was eating hers i went back and spooned some out of the dish and ate it! I am just so disgusting.

Can anyone give me something positive to take away from this? Am I destined to fail at every diet I try? What am I going to tell my LLC? She'll think I'm weak because all the others are sticking to it (the others have been on it 3 weeks, and I'm just on my 2nd).

:sigh: :cry:
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I started LL before xmas, didnt have a group and was on my own :(
I lost about a stone I think, then was naughty over xmas for a couple of weeks.
Started again on the 8th of Jan and still going! Have lost 47.5lbs altogether now so hopefully that will count as a success?


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You havent failed at this diet youve had a couple of mouth fuls of food you shouldnt have. Its no big deal unless you carry on doing it. Loads of us, infact most of us slip at times, you just have to grit your teeth and get on with it. Come on you can do it!
Hi Karen

It may be useful if instead of dwelling on ruining the diet concentrate on the fact that tomorrow is another day - another new start if you like. Also, think about the fact that you 've got this far and through what i feel is the hardest bit. You can do this!!! and much quicker if you resist those mouthfuls.;)
Please don't give in, come on here whenever it gets hard.
Chin up
Christina x
i fell off the wagon by having dinner out with my hubby it was his birthday but first thing this morning i was right back on this .i felt bad last night but this morning told my self wanna be fat for hols or slim and the answer was slim im doing this for my twin daughters aged 10 they are my inspiration to keep me going and im gonna do it
Just write it off & start again tomorrow but dont let it become a habit! At the end of the day you're spending £66 a week; also dont fall into the "well I've blown it nw may as well go for it big time" trap! cos it will be fatal! Hang in there, it will be worth it!
If you are on a journey somewhere in your car and you take a wrong turn - what do you do?

Do you give up, get out the car sit there on the side of the road or do you stop the car, work out where you are - find a different route and carry on?

That's what you do on a diet! You just pulled briefly into a layby hon - not off the road entirely!


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That's a great analogy htpink - really like that one.

S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
I've been lapsing on and off since christmas, but the weight is still gradually coming down. I would consider myself as someone who is succeeding!

It doesn't matter how often you fall, what matters is getting back up and moving on. I have come to the conclusion recently two steps forward, one step back IS enough. Its not ideal but eventually it will get me there.

Don't give up!



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Mags you're definitely succeeding - you're doing brilliantly. I don't think it's going to be an 'eventually' for you - it looks as though it'll be soon to me :)

You are not weak hun, or disgusting, you just lapsed, it happens to lots of people, just try not to do it again. Get back on the waggon and try to be motivated about what you are doing. Look at the goals you have ste for yourself and try and focus on what you have achieved so far. I wish for you all the will in the world to stay off food and get back on the packs, take heart hun....it's a hard habit to break ....this eating lark. xxx
I lapsed last week, and told my LLC and she praised me for coming back to the meeting, LLC is not there to shout at you. If its really what you want the you will go back to the meeting and tell your LLC, HE/SHE will help, its only 1 lapse so pick yourself up. You started this to get thin & fit so come-on lets do it. ;)

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