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anyone LOVE horses???


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diane your horses are gorgeous do u have ur own stables to keep them?


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diane your horses are gorgeous do u have ur own stables to keep them?

i wish!!:cry:
Unfortunately need to pay to keep them at a stables, but hopefully one day i will have my own small holding. That is my aim to have them at home with me. Hubby had better keep working hard!:p lol


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WOW!! You look great! Especially considering you have only been riding for 8 months! Well done!
Do you ride at a riding school? Whats the horses name?


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Horses havent been something I have been interested in until lately, my mate has been in the racing business for donkeys years, she has 4 of here own, but she is currently buying horses, training them to their best & then selling them on, I didnt realise how much horses can actually go for!! She also looks after 12 horses for someone in stables at his home, which is her day job, she said they have no manners whatsoever & need alot of training, especially the stallions..

I was quite intimidated when I first stood near her horses as they are huge, but I felt at ease quite quickly. She has a little foal, he is so cute, I fell in love.. lol.

I can see why people fall in love with horses they are a gorgeous animal, with tracy being in the horse business I really wanna get into it, I stand in awe of trac when I watch her work, she is fantastic..

Here is a pic of one of her biggest horses - Chester..



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Hi there. I like heavy horses (shires) and little cobby things with honest eyes and soft droopy chins x


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Lovely pics of your horses!

I adore horses and part of my motivation to lose weight is to get right back in the saddle and start riding again! Its been many many years since I have ridden properly and i'm not sure if I will ever get to the standard I was, flying over jumps etc. But even just to hack out would be lovely:D I would love a horse of my own one day, probably take me a hundred years to save up though:rolleyes:


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I love horses too and havent ridden for years, so another one here wanting to ride again when the weight comes off and i know what a good workout it can be lol. The school near me that isnt through the roof in prices is saying you have to weigh under 13 stone so i have a few more WI's yet to go but im determined to get back in the saddle sometime. You all look great like your really enjoying yourself :D
lovely piccs - lucky you. Have been too fat to ride for ages but hoping to again one day :)


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Being the weight i was (16st 2lbs) put me off riding my horses due to other people judgemental attitudes (and believe me, there are ALOT of judgemental horsey people!)
Im 13st something at the moment and feel alot more confident, but have never taken my horses to any shows due to how insecure i feel. but once i get to goal i WILL be and that is one of my biggest motivations so i know how you all feel!

Diane xx
I love horses!! i had my own horse when i was a teen, kept her in diy stables where i did voluntary work. She was a piebald mare (cob) 16.2hh and she was beautiful! but had unfortunately been ridden hard in the past as she had a hard mouth :( and was a bit of a handful sometimes - lively bugger hacking out first thing in the morning! had great fun with her and had her 8 years and still miss her. I couldnt afford to keep her in the end, was gutted.
hiya i love horses i have two bugle and santiago xxxx

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