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Anyone NOT having pancakes today?!

I am not! I absolutely love them and I wouldn't be able to stop at two or three. Plus it's my WI tomorrow and I reckon they'll make me a bit heavier (don't ask my why, I have no reasoning behind this, they just will!)
I tried making the SW eggy pancake and it just didn't cut it for me. It was okay but I like mine with classic lemon and sugar (sweetener is ok) but it just wasn't the same.
I also do like savoury pancakes but I think overall, it's probably safest for me to steer clear!!!
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Im not sure that I will either!
I quite like the syn free ones, but I cant eat that many anyway due to the gastric band and then I wouldnt be able to eat my tea!
I'm not that fond of them anyway. I was brought up on pancakes with treacle so anything else just doesn't quite cut it.

By the time I've made everyone elses, the thought of them turns my stomach LOL. So I doubt I'll have any.
None for me! I weigh tomorrow too and need all the help I can get! Red day for me with chicken and veg!


No Coffee, No Workee
We're not either - WI on Thursday, and like others have said, I couldn't stop at 1 or 2! I'm thinking I might make them on Thursday night after WI instead though...
ooo mrs V how do u make syn free pancakes???
I'm not having them but thats because I am not a fan of them. Now, if I was in Florida and faced with a stack of their pancakes with a bottle of maple syrup it would be a different story :)
ooo mrs V how do u make syn free pancakes???
I added a bit after pink peony answered your question on the other thread Huni...sorry didnt reply earlier.
im not i can take or leave them,i cheated and bought ready made ones for the kids!
i am gonna have sw pizza and wedges tonight instead
yes, no issues for me either as I hate them, just made a stack for the kids with treacle, nutella and caramel on and I could quite happily resist the urge
hello all - get on the slimming world website. They've got pancake recipe for 1 1/2 sins each. yum yum. xx
im not! i didnt even no it was pancake day oops lol x
You crazy kids...I can't believe there are people out there who don't love pancakes! LOL! ;) You loco!

I am still resisting. Bolognese for tea for us tonight...not a pancake in sight!


Desperate to be slim!
I had a small one at school earlier with my class, but I only had a splash of lemon juice on it.
Like others, it's WI tomorrow and I had a big night on Sat so am not having any more. I did buy a mix tonight though, and will cook some after class tomorrow night.
OH is most disappointed with me! lol

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