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Anyone on day 1???


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Hi everyone!
I'm back AGAIN...
This is day one for me and I really need to get going with this.
My story so far goes like this (If you want to know)

I'm 5 foot nothing and weigh 12.8 now, I did weigh 14 stone.
I've been on and off this diet since May 2009...My aim was to be at my weight goal by Christmas, Of course that didn't happen!
I again thought I'm in control I can just have a bit of food and then I'll jump back on it again.
I haven't until now and seeing as before I came off the diet I was 11.7 I'm so angry at myself that I'm now back over 12 stone!!
I felt so good when I was losing weight and my clothes were feeling really loose, people had noticed that I'd lost weight and I really felt for the first time I'd cracked it!!

Anyway so I'm back on day one and feel so depressed that I've got a long way to go and not as much time as I wanted to have to do it in as I've messed about so much!!!
I sat and thought about it this morning and I honestly feel like I put excuses in the way for me not to start...does anyone else do this?
The day I fell off the wagon was the day of my Nans wake..I didn't have my shakes with me and I ate some food, it started from then, I convinced myself that being alive was what was important and that the only reason I wanted to be thin was to look good, thought that sounded vain and shallow.
I know it's not for the reason I mentioned but for the reasons I want to be around to watch my darling little girl grow up and have a family of her own and go places ie weddings without feeling like I'm the fat one and never wanting to be in pictures!!!

I'm also getting married in 6 weeks and this was one of the main goals for me to be at 9 stone, I'm really sad I won't be but know it's only up to me to change!!!!!!

Like just now my OH is at home as he has just lost his job....(Another reason I thought I couldn't carry on) and he has really P****d me off so what did I do...grabed a chocolate bar and to my suprise I opened it and before eating it I said to myself, Do you want to lose weight..yes...and I put it back!!!!!
I can't believe I did that, I truly hope this is day one of getting my life back.

Sorry for the huge post but once I started I couldn't stop..nice to get it out though.
I know I'm not really really over weight but for me always being around 8-9 stone and at 5 foot I really am way too big.
Hope everyone is getting on well
Kelly x x x x

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great post! i am on day 37... its been hard, ups and downs and i have a day off every sat but i am 15lbs down with another 15lbs to go. good luck girl, after a bad weekend i am 100%ss as of yesterday.....