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Anyone on minipill?


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Wondering if anyone else takes the contraceptive minipill (where you dont have a break)?
For me it means no star week unless I come off it for a break.
Recently I've been quite hormonal, craving stodge and chocolate and run down, as well as my losses stopping. Wondering if its my bodies way of saying it needs a pill break- im going to give it a go but wondered if anyone had any experience they'd be willing to share?
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Mrs CC

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I was on it for about 6 months after I had my son last year and I didn't really have any issues with it in that time. If anything I'm thinking of going back on it because I can't be doing with all the hormones! This is the longest I've not taken any contraception in a long time. We were TTC but have decided to wait for a while instead now.


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I've been on one probably for about 4-5 years now and I love it. I know some other people on the same one as me, Cerazette, still had bleeds, sometime very irregular and very heavy, but I've had nothing at all since starting on it! I know that freaks some people out but I love it, saves a fortune! Plus I have never had the same hormonal symptoms I used to get on the combined pill I used to be on.

If they ever try and get me off this one they're going to have one heck of a fight on their hands!
Hi Im on Cerazett also, have been for years and don't mind it. Haven't had period since I've been on it but occasionally still feel the usual symptoms like back ache and feel like I could eat a horse the week before I'm that ravenous x

debbiecoops :)

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