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Ex-ED, Bombed-out Metabolism - Maintenance Help?

Hi there everyone.

I'm a 5'7/5'8 male, 33, 120~lbs.

I've got a very odd set of circumstances that I hope aren't infringing any conditions on here to disclose.

In 2009 I found myself in a dire state of affairs - I became terribly depressed, orthorexic, anorexic and psychotic. I would do thousands of repetitions of exercises a day and restricted my caloric intake to absurd levels.

In 2014 after years of therapy I was told that I had reached a healthy point in the BMI scale, but my metabolism was shot to heck. Moreover, I now have grade three osteoporosis (critical fracture risk) and cannot do any exercise. I am clinically disabled and break a bone every few months leading me to now follow a very sedentary lifestyle.

One thing worth disclosing is that I am now what's referred to as a "high-functioning non-destructive anorexic". This means I still count the calories I take in fastidiously, but to a level which sees me maintaining my weight. I have no desire to lose weight but I don't want to gain. In order to achieve this balance I carefully monitor my intake and ensure I never drop below 118lbs, but don't go above 122.

The problem is, after eating about 1800 calories a day for two years and staying within my limits, I started to gain weight on 1800. I dropped my intake to 1750 per day, and it normalised for two months - now it's increasing again.

Based on my scenario, it could either be the cocktail of opiate-based painkillers I'm on, my metabolism being shot to pieces... or maybe even my bones reforming(?) - but I wanted to ask if it's worthwhile for me to drop my daily allowance to 1700 per day, or if anyone had any other insights?

As it's such a gradual thing for me, doctors seem reluctant to call it anything drastic, and given my history, they err on the side of caution telling me that "putting on weight can't hurt" (ironically, this balance is the only thing from stopping me from falling into destructive habits).

I appreciate your input in advance.
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Tough story and thanks for sharing. My opinion is that only proper medical guidance should be sought for your situation
Best wishes and welcome
Much appreciated for your input, Tipperary.

It's not an easy situation to open up about, hence trying my luck online before venturing out and speaking to a (shudder) real life person!

Thanks again though.

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