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Anyone out there 'sts' for more than a week?


One day at a time!
Hi mrsessex - sorry can't help you as I've not STS, either loss or gain! Just wanted to "bump" you up the page!
I'm watching this with interest as so far this week I have not lost an ounce :confused:
it means stayed the same.....

Ive not had any exprience of staying the same!! its either been loss or gain ! i know its easy for me to say but dont worry chick your body will catch up and ur see a loss in no time the main thing is that you stay 100% which u are so thats fabby ....


Gone fishing
That is really rare. Especially on 100%

Sure you are 100% ;) No coke zero? No veg bullion from Sainsbury's?

I know that you haven't had a problem with them in the past, but maybe it's time to knock them on the head completely and see if that helps?

Damn annoying eh.
loooool @ the veg bullion!

As it goes ive had no billion for about 3 weeks as run out and not replaced although did drink loads of coke zero saturday about 2 big glasses worth but none since and absoultey 100% everywhere else :(

O well will hang on in there and see


Enjoyin' my journey....
Good luck and hang in there. I have not STS'd yet, although my losses have slowed, and the getting thinner quicker feeling has gone! It will work - perhaps your body is just readjusting and having a rest(?)!
Hope the weight comes off next weigh-in Mrs. Essex.
I am wondering now whether to keep away from the bullion drink, although I had good losses before when I drank it on another VLCD.
You are doing well to stay motivated and 100% - very much hope I would have the same resolve as I know that my time of STS will surely occur x

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