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Anyone reached goal and maintained?



I will be skinny again!!!
Cuddly fairy has... But havent seen her online for a while

Adam hit his goal and it maintaining :) he is on his second week of refeed!

Thats all I know Im afraid!
Yeah if been following adams diary he's doing great! Was just wondering how much people have acheived long term. thanks for the reply its my 1st thread :)
hey chelly just noticed we're at the exact same BMI!
A friend of mine has just finished her lipo and went onto maintenance at the end (partly as she was going on a night out with friends/family) and she still lost 4lbs that week. Now she is following a healthy eating plan and the weight is staying off after a few weeks. I've been reading about the 'refeed' and 'maintenance' and I'm confused as to what you would do? Can you do the maintenance and not refeed and then go onto a healthy eating plan? I have a few weeks left on lipo and am planning to go onto a slimfast or weightwatcher style eating plan.
Hi Taylor

sounds like your friends doing well! Im hoping I've got about 6 weeks to go (with a holiday in the middle) and from what ive picked up you refeed for a few weeks when you finish then go onto maintanance if you want but i think as you say a lot of people go onto another 'diet'. I was planning slimfast or tescos online GI as weigh ins are a complete pain with my job thankfully my chemist gives me 2 wks shakes at a time because ive got a medical background xx
i kept mine off for ages but have let it slip over the last few weeks after my gallbladder removal, i had gained just under half a stone over xmas,kept that weight stable then had my op n it all went t'ts up lol but it can be done and it isnt that hard to keep it off, just things in moderation, i have admittedly been a right f'ing pig since my op n have felt very hungry plus have done no exercise as i havent felt like it and that is why i have gained, feel like a let down to be honest

my bmi is 26 now and i start lipo again on monday for 3-4 weeks to get me back to target xxxxxx

i must add that i am still proud as lost 8nhalf stone,just want to get this bit off before it goes too far xxxxxxxxx then i can concentrate on keeping it off again
nicki i really admire how well uve done- i think u inspire a lot of people on here! You show that it can be done!
as chelly said im refeeding, in this now i am eating completely normal again and am still loosing weight lol

long term i can see it pretty easy staying same and even loosing it as long as you dont fall off the wagon and keep it sensible

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