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Anyone starting SW today? Friend/s needed

Me!!!! I'm starting today - went to get first weigh in last night (with shocking results!!!) and am on the off from today.

Had weetabix and banana for brekkie, and have so far avoided the masses of chocolate in the staff room (why, oh why did people choose to bring them in today???!!!!) and am going for it.

Except, have a party to go to tomorrow - pah. One afternoon off should be reparable shouldn't it? And if it's not, well I don't get to drink very often!

How's it all going so far for you? What's your plan of action?

Me to as you may know, will send a friend request. Got tummy ache and been up all night. Not sure what to eat now today:cry:

Bigfatbelly (just think soon you may have to change your username to littlethinbelly lol) you can have your sins tomorrow and then cut back in the week. That should help you get through. Hope you have a good time.


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Woohoo, Hi girls!! I have printed off a 7 day diet plan from the SW website as im not able to go to meetings and waitting for my online shop to turn up atm to get started. Im just having a huge bowl of fruit for my breakie- god i've missed fruit lol
Has the 7 day plan got a shopping list attached too?

And have you really got 4 kids? How old? And how the heck do you cope?

And triple trouble? Does that mean triplets?

I have two kids, and they tire me out!!!


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i'd love to buddy up, as i have just left CD and we are both doing the independance day challenge!
i will send a friend request if i can work out how it works, i too have 3 kids, so respect if you have 4!!


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I know, mumto4 you dont seem old enough to have 4.

XXXXXX Love you!! lol

Yes I have 4. Ethan has just turned 7, Elise is 5 on 27th, Emily is 3 and Erin is 2 in July. Im 27.

No the diet plan doesn't have a shopping list attached i just went through all the ingredients and added them myself. HTH


A moaning old boot!!!!
Good luck to you all x x x x x
Hi there Mum to 4, I feel the same way as you!! I have just phoned my slimming world group and am going back on Tuesday morning. I just cant cope with the hunger, it makes me so so grumpy. - sal x:p


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it's too hard isn't it Sally. Least we'll lose weight still this way without starving lol. Yes it'll take a lot longer but I don't care!
So how have you all got on girls???

I've had a good day - eaten all the right stuff AND managed to have our usual Friday after work half in the pub! I am really hoping that I can make this 'diet' fit in with my life, rather than the other way round, so it's nice to know there is some flexibility. Mind you, I do think I'm going to have to find a new tipple, which isn't 5 syns per drink (or half a drink!).

Not hungry at all. Hoorah for that.

Hope you've all had a good day too.x


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I had fruit for breakie, 2 slices of toast for dinner (as was out and didn't like the soup) and then made spag bol for tea from a SW recipe. It was lush and the kids loved it! I then had a toffee muller light and a banana!. Not hungry either-yippee!
i think i have gone back to my childhood, cant get enough weetabix (used to eat them with my dad when i was about 3, he thinks its really funny!!) and had SW pancake with strawberries for tea last night (it was rather yummy i must say;), and just eating loads of veg, which are not green or white:p)
hope you re all well today


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Hi girls, took some finding this thread! Well im still feeling really positive and must say loving the 7 day diet plan im following! Just had chicken and prawn stirfry with veg and tons of egg noodles. Kid's are loving the meals too which is a bonus.

Had a bit of a blow out yesterday, we had a BBQ and i got very drunk, but straight back on it today and feeling fine. I had two alpen light bars and 2 banabs for breakie, omelette with everything for dinner and then the stir fry for tea and an apple! Im stuffed!!
All going well for me, except for day off on Saturday (but didn't go mad) and am off out to the pub tonight (but have planned my food round a chicken and bacon salad) and don't know how to avoid massive pointage on booze...

Made sw pate today (recipe in top section). OMG...LUSH!!!!!!! And free. Hoorah!

Hope you're all okay. Have any of you had a sneaky weigh in? I haven't ( a miracle - I'm usually a twice a day girl ), am holding out for Thursday. Gonna have to say I don't feel any slimmer though....



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I've not weighed myself for a few days but i generally get weighed first thing on a morn with nothing on or no water or food in me. If i STS this week i will be very chuffed as obviously just stopped the CD and had loads of lager yesterday!
Well I didn't manage the salad last night!!! And drank a whole bottle of wine...oooppps.

Onwards and upwards, and all that!

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