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anyone still do core plan??

hi guys.

was just wondering does anyone still do the core plan?
i know its not part of the ww set up anymore :( but it was one of the best diets i ever did. am thinking of doing it aagain on my own. still have all my books from then.
i am currently on the cambridge diet but am finding it awful....:break_diet:

any replies greatly appreciated.:)
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my mum did the core one a long time ago-she couldnt be bothered to count points all day! lol she says its VERY simmilar to SW. hope you find a diet that rights for you! x
thanks pink princess,

yes i also did SW but found that i was counting the 'syns' as ww points rather than the 'syn' value that they actually were. thats why i think the core plan would suit me best as know the ww points inside out lol x
I did CD last year Emz and it made me bad! I know its a bit TMI, but my trips to the loo for a two were non-existent! I've never known pain like it!!! I thought I was going to end up in hospital at one point it got so desperate. I lost about 2.5 stone in 12 weeks but it suddenly registered with me that I could have lost that on a healthy eating plan that included food AND comfortable and regular loo trips. Never, ever again!!!!!! I've never done the Core plan but I've heard it was excellent so, if you enjoyed it and it worked, go for it cos, in my opinion, CD is unsustainable and unrealistic in the real world for 99.9% of people (hope I don't get shouted at for saying that!!!). xxx
cheers tracey, yeah my first week i never went to the loo for 6 days and i usually go everyday like clockwork haha..!!

i did enjoy the core plan as there was hardly any counting of points and u always felt full because u could eat as much of the allowed foods to satisfy you.

and still had them few wee points for a wee drinky or a chinese at the weekend.

CD is killing me.. i stuck to it 100% this week and didnt lose an ounce, whereas i could have been eating my way through the core plan and still lose 1-3lbs a week!! xx
CD is killing me.. i stuck to it 100% this week and didnt lose an ounce, whereas i could have been eating my way through the core plan and still lose 1-3lbs a week!! xx
Exactly!! I know its each to their own - and I know a woman who's done fantastically on CD - but I feel so sad when I think back to my time on it and how I stressed about things like having a bite of banana and whether it had ruined my week! I was on it when I had my birthday and everyone came round for a party. I did loads of yummy food for everyone then sat there eating one of the 'meal' bars as a treat while they all tucked in. It was very depressing!
I think we try these extreme diets cos we're desperate to lose weight but I don't think there are any short cuts - its all down to discipline, organisation and sheer guts at the end of the day! We may as well have a life while we're losing hadnt we? xxxx
absolutely tracey,

thats it. my mind is made up. think i'll go to tesco's tonight and buy some core plan foods. this total food replacement crap is doing my head in. much healthier to be doing ww... xx
Yay!!! Go for it!!!!! Enjoy eating again and good luck with the core plan - let us know how it goes! xxx
hey kaz, thanks for that comment and for the wee link u sent me in ur private msg. i will have a good look at it 2moro.

i'm gonna start core plan in the morning.
so here i go again.............. xx

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