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Anyone struggling to lose weigh with an underactive thyroid??

hi all, i was diagnosed with this last week and have started medication today, i have noticed in the past 2 weeks that my weight is beuing really slow to come off, ive only lost 3lb since the start of my diet 2 weeks ago, i used to lose up to half a stone in the 1st week!! just wondered if now im on medication things will speed up again????:confused::confused:
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hiya hun i dont have a thyroid problem i have a brain tumour called a prolactinoma thank god benign im on medication have been for 3 weeks but my weight loss s soooo much slower than before like you i could lose 4-5 pounds in first week and 3 plus thereafter, now i lose 1-2 a week so still coming off but very depressing and frustrating (((((hugs)))))))
Hey ladies,

sorry to hear you're both struggling, and that you're both dealing with medical problems as well as dieting...I take my hat off to you!!

We also need to remember that the more times we start to diet, the harder it gets., so perhaps part of it is that you (like me) are re-starters.

Anyway, good luck to you both, slow and steady wins the race!!

i have an underactive thyroid and yes it does make it hard at times but once you are on the right dose and your body settles down it will not slow you down much if any.
As you can see by my stats i had my meds reduced recently and my body already hasnt like the change but i am hoping that once it settles again the weight will start coming off again.
You can do it, you may find things slow for a few weeks/months until they get your on the right dose of thyroxine. Keep positive :)
now i lose 1-2 a week so still coming off but very depressing and frustrating (((((hugs)))))))


Do not underrate this kind of loss. Firstly it is the exactly rate at which we should be loosing weight. The weight didnt miraculously turn up over night! Slow and steady will keep it off.

Secondly it really mocks people who loose exactly that amount each and everyweek, who share their acheivements here and those who celebrate them also.

Just wait till youve 'only' lost 1/2 a lb or sts or even a gain, youll be wishing for that 'only' 1-2lb loss ;)
ahh helen, sory to hear about your health problem, but yes thank god, its benign!! xx yeah it really is mind over matter isnt it and being strong mentally to carry on dieting. Im very impatient when it comes to my weight but this week ive really had to have a chat with myself and say right, u have this condition, u can either give up, eat what u like and just get really fat really quick or you can nip it in the bud now and control it and try to lose the baby weight slowly. Even if it does cme off slowly at least its coming off and not going back on, i think thats the really important thing to remember. i do find myself just thinking oh sod it, im just gonna eat, but now ivegot this condition, its really curbed me to stick to plan thistime as opposed to previous times doing slimming world, there were no scare tactics if u know what i mean to stop me from drifting off it! stick with it helen xxxx mind over matter!!!
oh no i didnt mean to mock anyone that loses that in a week at all, i just meant in my 1st week, i used to lose a lot for me personaly then going down to losing 1lb in my 1st week now was a bit of a shock that was all, sorry if ive offended anyone eeeek x x x
Hi there I have a under active thyroid, I'm currently on 250mc of levothyroxine, Once your levels stable out you'll find weight loss easier, as being under makes it almost impossible to loose weight, but to be loosing at all i'm guessing your levels must be close to stable?

I put on all my weight in a very short space of time due to being underactive, and have struggled to loose it ever since because My metabolisum has compleatly changed I used to be able to eat anything I wanted and never put on weight, lol thoose days are gone ::sigh: But I will get there

Congrats on your weight loss so far,
ah thats good to know, i started thyroxine today, dr has put nme on 75 to start with then a blood test in 4 weeks to see if thats enough. she said my levels were more than just a bit under, they were quite drstically unde apparently??? hopefully then once they get my dosage right things will settle down x
Yes :) 75mg is quite a low dose you can push for a blood test after 2-3 weeks as levels should stabilize pretty quickly, if your under you could eat nothing and would likely maintain, thyroid hormones control your metabolism so without any you don't convert food in to energy
i see. so its pretty good that ive lost anything at all then really!!
h feel a bit better bout it now then x x thankyou x x

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