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anyone struggling to sleep on cd diet

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Some people find they have problems ... maybe to do with less carbs??? Guess there not scientific fact!! I get up more in the night for constant wee trips!!!

Try having half of one of your packs a bit later - so you have food in your stomach to go to sleep on. Also a warm bath helps .... good luck!


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I had that trouble for the first few days, it was the hunger pangs that kept me awake. I've found that if I take a bottle of water to bed with me and sip it when the hunger pangs start, it's much easier to drift off, cos it fools my body into thinking I've had something to eat.
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I find I sleep Brill on CD!!!

Maybe its cos my body/metabolisim isnt munching its way through all the crap I have eaten all day!

But I certainly do sleep better, unless like last night I dont pee 'long enough' before I go to sleep and then cant be arsed to get out of bed for about 6hrs!!LOL

I guess it just effects some of us differently

But well done on your journey so far..keep up the good work, the results are FAB!

Lou X


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I found in the first week of SS'ing that I slept really badly - I tossed and turned and could not get more than about 45min sleep at any one time before I found I was wide awake again. I only had one 3 day in my CD-SS journey so only had to drop into ketosis twice and in both instances the insomnia lasted for a week maximum.

Once I was in ketosis I found I slept more soundly than usual and like Slim for Live I needed less sleep than before.

I hope this helps - Good luck with your journey :).

Hi i find having a chocolate shake warmed in the microwave at around 9ish is fab because your tummy is lovely and warm, it feels like its been fed and warms me up enough to get to sleep much better


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I find once in ketosis I don't need as much sleep.... loads of energy but when I do sleep it's far more soundly - less dreams etc.... I put that down to less food in the tum so more comfortable..... I guess everyone is different....:)


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I sleep OK but struggle to fall asleep! Takes me ages - I feel like I'm on Proplus or something - have taken to having a warm choc tektra at night now and that seems to be sending me off quicker!
I found it really hard to sleep all the way through, I think ketosis gave me too much energy!
I was gonna post a thread about this, as i too have been finding it hard to get to sleep!!!!! i do however sleep like a baby once i've finally got to sleep. Am hoping its just because i've got lots of energy now, as before CD i was quite happy to drift off at 9pm watching telly.
thanks for replies, its not that im hungry i guess its ketosis , once im asleep im fine it just takes ages to drop off to sleep, going to try a hot chocolate shake see if that helps. on day for a so far so good .

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My sleep is awful at the moment keep waking up every couple of hours but the biggest problem is NIGHTMARES!!! :eek: They are terrible at the moment & that's what keeps waking me up, i don't know if it has to anything to do with CD? but it didn't happen last time i was ssing! Maybe subconsciously i have something on my mind that is worrying me?

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My sleep hasn;t been to bad so far. Im having my last shake around 8ish so ive found that better.
Hi there,
Im pretty new to the site and am on day 10 of SS. The last three days have been really difficult, I am so tired when the afternoons come, I have a really hectic job and am on my feet doing alot of brisk walking for at least 8 hours a day. Find Im wiped out about 3pm. I kep hearing how you get more energy in ketosis, but this hasnt happened for me, am getting really down with it. Advice PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mel xx
I posted on here in wk1 of SS about sleep, I kept jumping and waking myself up (after it took me aged to get off). Drove me nuts! Nobody knew why, I just put it down to the radical change of diet!

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