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Anyone Struggling With H2O Intake?

Hi Im finding it very difficult to fit in the 2/3lt of water a day. I have to be near a wc and I could have an Olympic medal for how many times an hour I can go to the toilet after drinking so much. I find it hard to fit this into an everyday busy life - anyone the same or tips to fit the amount in? LOL S xxx:)
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I can't help with any tips as i've always drunk a lot of water even before starting CD but i didn't want to read & run. xx
it is tricky, I'm not the best at getting the water down me, but I find that having a bottle in my bag usually does the trick. I keep it filled up and have a sip every now and then when I'm on the go-before you know it, it'll be empty! I also have a 2ltr bottle at my desk so I know that I need to finish that by the end of my working day.
I do find it hard too but the only way I can do it is by carrying a 1 litre bottle around with me all day. I find I just sip at it, if I take too much at once I feel like I am drowning!

I also find it easier to take if it is not too cold.

It is not easy sometimes, I really look forward to finishing the water intake each day.


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I find it hard too, its the hardest part of this diet. I have no tips as I haven't worked out how to make it easy yet.
The water flavouring get me drinking well can down a pint when they are in it xx


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I really struggle :tear_drop: with the water too :sigh: At work I try to have 1litre:tear_drop: in the morning and the same again in the afternoon, and then as much as I can manage usually another litre in the evening.:tear_drop: I find nipping to the loo quite difficult at work because I often work in a n operating theatre where I can't just pop out, still I think people are getting used to me disappearing so often. :sick0019:
Thanks for all your comments - glad I'm not the only one struggling with the water intake! My husbands moaning about how much loo paper we are going through.... LOL
I was really good in the first couple of weeks, but now we have moved offices, it just seems harder to get the litres in at the moment! I must try harder and I know that I will feel much better if I could get the intake in! x


Laugh in the face of food
I know 'they say' that the more you drink the more you shrink but is that really true?:confused: That's the one thing that would make me drink more, the possibility that my weight loss would suffer if I didn't.:D
my cdc said that it makes it come off quicker as it flushes the.. fatty waste stuff... out of your body quicker.. so although you don't loose more weight in total, you loose it quicker.


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Sounds good to me!:party0049: I guess I'll start being a bit more focussed with my water drinking and put up with the frequent trips to the little girls room.:sign0131:


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I'm useless at remembering to drink water. I'm not keen on it at the best of times anyway, but I just forget. I think I'll buy a watch with an hourly beepor something so that I have something to jog my memory.
I struggle a bit particularly when I am not at work. At work I have a 1L bottle and try and drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon, I have a small bottle which I try and drink on the train to and from work. In the evening I drink sparkling water for a change and again try and drink another litre - I don't always manage to do everything I preach but I try. Good luck and think how healthy your body will be inside with all this water - and your skin!
I have noticed a massive improvement in my skin - dark circles under my eye have gone and all dry patches and spots have disappeared. God you must be thinking I looked like a monster before!! LOL S xxx


Laugh in the face of food
Ah, I've got the water flavouring now and it's made a huge difference!! Just a change in flavour has stopped it seeming so boring, looking forward to seeing all the benefits of all this water drinking!!!!


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always best to keep a bottle of water to hand, especially when working

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