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Anyone successful after a few goes?

Hiya - newbie to minimims, so be gentle people!
Have joined SW several times in the last few years, def think it's the healthiest of the plans, WW left me starving and bingeing. Only thing is, having lost a stone and a half two years ago, I've never been able to last more than a week or two since then. Like the EE element making meals more normal.
Only thing is, I've this awful feeling that I'm just being lazy and weak. Planning on joining in two weeks, week after this will be a star week, so thinking it would be crap to see a plus week 1. Is that just flaking out?
Sorry for the long one, but I guess I'm just looking for inspiration that SW has worked for some of you, even though it wasn't the first attempt.
Any takers?
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Sounds like your just getting your head back on track and around getting back on plan again. Aslong as your honest with yourself and pledge to start as soon as your star week is over. I can appreciate the concern, but there are things you can do to avoid a gain over star week.

last month i put so much fruit in our house, fresh and frozen, and bought a 2ltr bottle of water. i pledged to drink 2ltrs of water a day, before i had any sugerfree fizz, and i pushed all the fruit to the fruit of my cupboards and fridge, so it was the first thing i grabbed when i needed somthing, pick your fruit wisely.. its my star week this week and iv been through 3pinapples already (5op in tescos) its sweet, cold and fresh and really hits the spot.
doing this warrented me a 3lb loss on my star week last month. no exercise.. just 100% on plan, lots of fruit and water.

I have only joined once, so cant comment.. but iv been with sw two years now and i still love it. You can do it. who cares if youv joined before. I doubt there is not one of us who did a different diet before hand, proberly time and time again! i'v done a fair few myself.

you can do this, but you REALLY have to want it, believe in it.. and most importantly DO it.

Ah thanks Fern, just what the doc ordered. LOVE pineapple, so guess that would work for me. Like the thought of just getting my head back in the space. Now it's just gotta bring my ass along with it!
Really like the idea of the forum too - so I guess it's watch this space!



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Sorry for the long one, but I guess I'm just looking for inspiration that SW has worked for some of you, even though it wasn't the first attempt.
Any takers?
This is my second time around with SW - first was about 7 years ago - lost about 5.5 stone, and thne thought i could do it myself and maybe wasn't doing it for the right reasons anyhow - and over the next 5/6yrs i put that 5.5stone back on and another 5.5stone on top of that.

This time around - i've lost 13.5stone already with maybe another 9lb to go to target. So definately more successful this time.

The difference though is motivation - last time was only a small amount about me - yes i was overweight, but relatively happy, i really was doing it for other people. This time around there's only one person i'm doing it for - me me ME.

Good luck with your journey - you've made the first move in wanting to rejoin - so now - do it. :)
Wow Ian, 13 1/2 stone - wow, wow, wow. Think you're right, I struggled each time I hit getting into another stone number on the scales, so it's about settling my mind.
Guess Nike really had it right, just do it?
Did you have to get your mind into eating well, rather than just being "good"?
when people mention star week what is it, i m new here thanks

That special time of the month most of us ladies here enjoy so much... :p

Do you know what, strangely enough i thought i hated pinapple :confused: the cravings have been so bizzarre this month. I just want carbs, carbs, and more carbs, and tonnes of fresh, cold fruit.. which is ideal really.. but i CANNOT stop eating. I was starting to panic slightly as period was two days late ( mind you the boobs and bloating started well in advance- oh the joy) keep getting those fluids down you.

Life can really get in the way somtimes, but at the end of the day, youl have a star week next month, and the month after.. the month after that.. and if you asked 50 woman, they would all say they find it affects their weight a week before, the actual week or the week after.. so based on theorys, that would put you out of action for 2-3 weeks of the month.. it could go on and on.. and your not going to join just to 'have a week of plan because its * week' next month are you?

i recon you are in the right place mentally, i think you just need to do it now.. it can be scarey.. especially going back to somthing, can be even worse than doing it the first time.

I think also though, before you join a class, you ought to re-assess what went wrong last time, what your danger zones are and be clear in yourself why your trying again, what do you want your end result to be.. and whether or not you can genuinly feel it being a life long way of eating. I think many enter the sw way of life with all intentions of keeping it up for life, but never really take on the life skills it teaches you, and healthy eating habits because they always refer to it as a 'diet'. Diets are short term eating plans designed to help you reach your ideal weight. I hate to preach but slimmingworld really is a new start, a fresh perspective on life.. so youv gotta be 100% honest with yourself.

You're talking sense to me! Just get off my ass.
BTW, I love your avatar, trying to set up one for me, but can't find the "choose" option. Am I being a bit thick?
LOL you dont 'choose' an avatar, you have to upload one.. like a photo.. i just LOVE cupcakes and found this picky on google, so i uploaded it as my avatar :)

Glad to help hon, please update us and let us know how your getting on xx


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Wow Ian, 13 1/2 stone - wow, wow, wow. Think you're right, I struggled each time I hit getting into another stone number on the scales, so it's about settling my mind.
Guess Nike really had it right, just do it?
Did you have to get your mind into eating well, rather than just being "good"?
The mindset i developed was more about "wanting it" then anything else - especially as the benefits started to become apparent. I wanted to get slimmer, i wanted to loose the extra pounds, i wanted to enjoy more of the life i was starting to life, and i wanted to see what the end result would be.

Now i'm almost there - i also want to be able to continue living the life i have now, rather then existing in the life i used to have.

To do that I have had to make the lifestyle choice - food optimising is the way i eat now - even when i tell myself that i'll have a day off plan.

Note though - it's all about ME :) (i'm one of the least selfish people you know generally - except in this one regard - SW and Monday nights - that's ME time and no-one interrupts ME time).

Yeah, really techie me, as you can tell...
In the tutorial it says click "choose", couldn't find it, thought I was being thick. Try again, seems to be the theme of the night!
Cupcakes, OMG, yes, just thinking our local Costa might just go out of business when I start back. Better warn them, what with the recession and all...:)


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First of all I would like to say WELCOME BACK!

Its great you want to do this, and if you want something bad enough it will work. I have been on and off SW since i was 18 years old and this is the first time i have started and thought this is forever, I am not losing weight quickly but steadly and maintaining a great lifestyle with it as i want to make the right choices and be smaller forever. You can do and the best time to start is when your mind is in the zone. Good Luck


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This is my 6th, and last time with SW as I am staying, and know this is the right eating programme for life!
I did target in 2003 but was over confident and thought I could do it on my own.
I was wrong, and the weight piled back on.
I made other few half hearted efforts of joining after but gave up after a few weeks as my head was not into it.
I agree with Ian, you have to do it for yourself, and be determined to really want to do it.
It's almost a year since I rejoined and almost 5 months since I reached target.
I really love it.
Good luck. You can do it if you really want to!
The first time I did slimming world I was 17 (i'm 30 now) and I only had a stone to lose. I have been doing sw on and off since then never getting to target. each time I quit I weigh in heavier next time I rejoin. this time I joined with 4 and a half stone to lose. I have lost 2 stone twice before and got to 2 stone back and slowly started to give up because I felt comfy as I was but it wasn't till after I looked at photos of when I thought I was ok I relised I still had more to lose.
but this times gonna be different 2 weeks ago I passed my 2 stone mark and I'm more determined than ever. It does help I have got a holiday booked in 5 weeks but most of all I have decided I'm not doing this yo yo thing anymore I've wasted my 20's dieting I'm not wasting my 30's. Some wonderful person gave me some advice when I started and that was to relax and thats what I will do if I have a gain (not had one yet) cause its ok to have a gain its a long jounrey.
I allow myself treats everyday and never feel like i'm going without.
you can do it hun just tell yourself this is the last time I see this weight and I can do it this time.
If I was you I would join on star week that way it will boost your first week loss.
also makesure you are eating lots of free food and all your syns so you do feel deprived.
good luck hun if you feel yourself struggling come tell us.

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I have done numerous diets over the years, including several attempts at SW. This is my last chance at anything! Ive had a gb fitted too, so I cant over eat, but I still have to watch what goes in!
One thing I noticed from your original post is that you are setting yourself up for a fall before you have even started. Dont think about how far you have to go, just look at how far you have come and how different you are already. Be more postive. If I had to think about how far I had to go 2 years ago, I honestly think I would have thrown in the towel way before now.
Good luck with your journey Hun and YOU CAN DO IT!



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I have a slightly similar experience to Ian.

I first joined when I was 22 (over 15 years ago) and managed to lose 5st and get to target.

I stopped going to class, got married and, well, the 5st came back with another 4st for company :rolleyes:

I tried to lose it many times in the intervening years, rejoining SW at least 12 times, trying other SW classes, even Slimfast and WW plans, but nothing worked, and my weight fluctuated, but at the high end of the scale.

At the start of this year, I had some serious motivation brought on by personal issues. Added to family concerns, and medical problems which have developed due to my weight, it made sense to join again, but only after I had lost a stone first, making sure I was in the right frame of mind this time.

I found it helped me to change things around a bit, and the main change for me was to buy a 10 week countdown, which although expensive :D helped me to attend every week.

Good luck!
Thanks for all the replies - it's been great. Decided to join next Wed, so I'll be like the Terminator - I'll be back.
Oh and on the avatar front, apparently have to have 20 posts to be able to set one up, so here's another one for the list.