Anyone tasted the Lactose free products


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Personally I don't like the lactose free shakes as they taste like there really is something missing...

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I have had the lactose free Chocolate Orange and the Cappochino....tasted ok to me, but then the other shakes taste alright to me as well:rolleyes:

Hope you get it sorted.


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i LOVE the lactose free choc orange and i think the choc mint is lactose free to and i think there lovely!!!!!!


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Chocolate Mint isn't lactose free.

These are the lactose free sachets:
Choc Orange
Mushroom soup
Leek & Potato soup


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i tried all of the lactose free ones, and imho:
cappuccino was disgusting
choc orange, vanilla and leek and potato: all yummy, well, leek and potato was yummy up to a point:) i used to practically live on these soups for 2 months and i just got sick of them after a while:)
mushroom soup: not good, but not too bad either.

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Personally I find the lactose free soups to be less "powdery" tasting than the others. The leek & potato is quite strongly flavoured and the mushroom flavour tastes like wild mushrooms to me (like the dried porcini type mushrooms).


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Tbh i can't tell the difference between the regular and lactose-free ones but i don't really pay attention to which one i'm having i like the lucky dip!!


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I like the mushroom soup, I had that tonight --- don't mind the leek & potato but it's not one of my faves.