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Anyone transferred from CD to SW


Slimming for my children
yes indeed its possible if you stick with it.
I did cd and i hated every single minute of it! SW i start and lost 2.5lbs in the first week and i have never done a red day!
I put on 13.5 when i went on holiday the week after so i guess thats cos i started eating and eating the wrong foods too!
Good luck you wont regret it! (cheaper too)


Warning-Contains Nuts
I think the gain you get coming off CD is partly due to your glycogen stores being empty while in ketosis?? (please correct me if I'm wrong, it's a while since I remember reading that!)

So if you try to stick to slightly lower carb options for the first few weeks that might help?
Hi MP, I've not gone into ketosis as was between 810-1000 plan as couldn't manage to sole source. Hopefully I won't have the initial gain and can stick with the plan. Got a week's worth of stuff to come from CD Cwhich I have already paid for, but I can bury them in a cupboard.

Thanks FNM, that was fab losing in first week, good luck for your weigh in tonight.


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You'll be fine then! :)

I hope you enjoy SW. It didn't work for me as I'm an awkward bugger who thought I'd go to town on the free food and then blame SW when I didn't lose any weight.....They said I could eat as much as I wanted!!! Clearly I need more rules:doh:
Thats my worry, as I also done it before, but gave up when I had a gain as like you it was free food. Only difference this time is that I have read Paul McKenna's book and am 1/3 way through Marissa Peers, so am hoping that I won't be following the same patterns. Also need to lose the stone before my graduation so hopefully I can stick to it better and work it to suit me.


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I'm a stubborn git...

I wanted them to admit that you can't really eat as much free food 'as you want' and still lose weight. You can eat as much free food 'as is sensible' and still lose weight.

Big difference between what you want, and what is sensible....

I'm just a self-saboteur at heart :doh:


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I got the bulk of the weight off in my first year at uni, by going to the gym every day, and (not recommended!!!) only eating 3 bowls of rice or pasta with gravy a day...more due to being a skint student than a sensible eating plan! I also continued to lose bits here and there doing SW, CD, Atkins, calorie counting, fat-fasting, and the fruit and rice diet...... I have done virtually everything!! Plus I paid a horrific amount to go to a Paul McKenna seminar and get 're-programmed'.

In my experience....CD (if you can cope with it) is good, calorie counting is dependable but slow, SW is too vague for me, Atkins nearly killed me through constipation!! Paul McKenna was good but lessened with time......
I'm only new to this website, but i know someone who did cd for 7 months and lost 6 stone. She then gained 8 and a half stone, which she totally regretted. Now she's been doing sw for 3 months and has lost a stone and a half so it just goes to show that it's better to get it off steadily!!


Just follow the plan
It happens with all diets though, I've done SW twice before and put all the weight back on and more. You go back to your old habits which is the problem. I wouldnt rule out doing CD myself, at some point in the future.


Warning-Contains Nuts
Pretty much all diets do work. When you lose the weight but don't make a permanent change to your diet, obviously you'll put it all back on!

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