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Anyone tried Body Combat?

Hi everyone :)

I decided I needed some exercise motivation and know that I get very bored very quickly in the gym and kind of wander aimlessly between the machines before thinking I'll treat myself to a sauna!

So I got a bit brave and signed up for a body combat class at my local gym (have never done any classes before), went to the first one yesterday and it was SO much fun! Yes I ache a bit today but have signed up for tomorrows.

Does anyone else on here do it and are you finding that the fun & motivation continues?

Moo xx
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I used to do it when my partner never worked away, I loved it.
It's all about boxing and aerobic workouts. You use pads, partner up with people or use the punch bags! You will have so much fun. I wish I could go back and carry on those classes x
As I said I would be at class every wk if I could! Unfortunately I can't as my partner works away. Someone in my class used to do 3 classes in a row it was that good x
Hi, yes I do two body combat classes a week and have done for over a year, and still LOVE it! Best class ever. the great thing is that they change the class every 3 months so you never get bored. Best workout I have ever done. xxx
Yup love it! walking home after a class I feel like I want someone to try and attack me, lol, POW!


Woman on a mission!
i love combat and go every Tue!
I have noticed the difference in my arms from the upper body work, and think its a great overall toner & fat burner!
Havent tried Zumba, but would defo be of interest.
hi everyone, what sort of fitness level is required to do this? are there like beginner groups? also how long does the class last?
Thanks in advance
Grevo xx
The class is set for all fitness levels - you just pick your intensity level when doing it - its not the easiest exercise class in the world but nowhere near as hard as say Body Attack! There's a fair bit of shuffling and jacking and LOADS of punching and kicking. No beginner groups that I know of but your gym might do a 'body combat consultation' class beforehand.

the class will either be 45 mins but it usually an hour.

Hope this helps.
I went into it never having done any type of class before - dont worry Grevo, you pick it up really quickly :D
There are 2 classes a week at my local gym, looks like Ive signed up for both and hoping it'll make a huge difference to my SW too :)

Esther - thats great as I was wondering if Id be able to maintain my enthusiasm so if you're still doing it after a year then that inspires me too!

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