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Anyone tried Paul McKenna book and cd?


Losing the baby fat
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I just bought it and have been listeneing to the cd everyday and I have found myself not wanting to eat all of my food and feeling full quicker! I havn't finished reading the book yet, but so far I think it works!

My mother in law tried it last year and it had no effect on her.

Was wondering what others thought if they had tried it.
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Yes, I have the book and CD and it's amazing! Listening to the CD regularly will definitely decrease your appetite and you will notice you get fuller more quickly and you won't feel like wolfing down your whole meal!! I cannot recommend Paul McKenna enough. His system and other similar ones have changed my life. The CD's are lovely and relaxing too, and can help with confidence, stress etc even though the core message is food! The CD even works whilst you are asleep - no effort required!! :):):) Hope that helps!!


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
Oh wow Janey, I'm glad it's not just me and it is actually the cd! You say you cant recommend him enough and i'm feeling like that - I think he put a message in the cd to spread the word :character00148:
I might buy the I will make you rich one next :cool:

i tried a hypnotist cd years ago and it did nothing, but this one I go through the emotions - I always want to burst out laughing then I sort of think I've dozed off when I know I havn't, and I can not concentrate on counting backwards - it's spooky stuff!!

I'm just a bit worried that I'll not get all my calories, as he says to eat less when I already was. I'm sure i'll survive it though, can't wait to do the whole 2 weeks of it every day. I have high hopes.
Paul McKenna is really very polished and his sytems do work!!!
<as does hynotism full stop> I can say that as a qualified hypnotherapist....

Some people respond to different types that all.... I have his books and CD's too

You should really be awake to listen to them though.... when you are in a state of hypnosis <deep relaxation when you are tuned into your subconscious> it is very differnt brain wave pattern to when you are asleep....
If my clients fall asleep I always rouse them to allow them the full advantage of the session.... But yes no effort is required....

QVC had a set on the other night I think.... he is very sucessful!

Anne x


Going to do this......
i have brought the set off QVC, been listening now for three days......................something seems to be happening as i no longer wooof my food down, i am eating a lot slower.

also as no food is banned, i dont crave what i cant have, but now as i could eat it if i wanted i just not bothering at mo. hope it carry on


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I bought the book and CD but I have lost it! I really must find it and see if it will work for me too!
I have tried this book and obvoiusly it didn't work for me!! I kept falling asleep during the CD though his voice was so calming. I was also reluctant to imagine my favourite foods covered in maggots in case i put myself off forever!!

It worked for one of my friends though
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I have the CD never listened to it as I was PG at the time...so no point. But I did watch his show...once or twice and he didn't really say anything that I didn't already know to do, but he did make me feel like I cold actually easily impliment them. So I do not eat slower...and with the free foods I only get a small portion and eat that and take my time and talk a lot during dinner. Then if I am still hungry I wait for 10 minutes...if I am still hungry....Then I get a half portion of what I already ate ( which next to never happens). Also once I feel full...I stop and I put the rest down the drain or give it to my dog ( she's a greedy skinny thing) that way I am not tempted to wait a while and start picking at it without thinking.



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i have the book and the cd but everytime i put it on i end up asleep and there is no way on this earth that my subconscious mind takes it in as i have no brain cells left after three kids!!!
it's his voice that does it ,he relaxes me so much i just go and many a time my hubby has come in and removes the headphones and the cd
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I think it would work for me if I could find the time to listen to it whilst 'awake', I tend to put it on when i go to bed and find it a great sleeping aid.

While I am off work I am going to try and do this! Thanks for reminding me!


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I've read the book but i can't seem to get into the cd, i just find his hypnotic voice very amusing/distracting & i just can't take it seriously. I'm sure it does work for a lot of people, its just not for me.


Addicted to Minimins!
S: 18st9lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st3lb(1.15%)
I think the CD would work better when you are asleep
I hadn't actually thought about trying it while i'm sleeping. It might be worth a shot. Cheers hun. x
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The cd actually sends me to sleep


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The secret is to stick with the method come hell and high water.This is my main problem I give up too easily.
Yeah, and the temptation to try and 'break' it when it is working :rolleyes:

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