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Anyone unable to do EE??


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Is anyone just do red/green days? i have done a few EE days but i find them hard because i don't eat alot of superfree food, basically apples, bananas and cucumber. But now that i've done EE days i'm finding red and greens harder to stick too.
When EE first came out i'm sure it was recommended to eat 1/3 superfree. Does anyone do EE without eating all the superfree food??

I'm tempted to do it and just eat as much superfree food as i can. I no the weight loss will be slower but it would be quicker then doing red/green and cheating every other day.
What do people think???
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Not sure I understand what you are asking. Do you mean you want to try EE without the SuperFree Food? Why do you find yourself cheating on Red/Green days?
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I agree with you - I can't get to grips with EE either. I've been doing SW on and off for years (I WILL do it this time!)and I think I'm too conditioned to the orignal and green plan. I find I need those B choices and I eat too much on EE!

However, some people love it so I'm sure you'll get some advice here (and I'll have a sneaky look too!)

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The only way it might work is if you actually leave a 1/3 of your plate empty. The superfree, while very good for you, is also to stop you over eating the mix of red and green. If you have a plate full of red and green foods together you will be eating too much to make it work properly. If you like fruit then why not eat the fruit before your dinner this way it will stop you being so hungry for the free food.

With red and green you can have red and green free food together but in limited amounts ie. 227g baked pot as a B choice on a red day. If it's eating the foods together that you miss then there's always that way to get around it.

There's a lady who used to come to my group who couldn't eat fruit and veg at all for medical reasons. Obviously EE was going to be no good to her so she stuck to red and lost well by either synning pasta and rice or using it as a B where she could.

I think you'd be better off sticking to red or green and learning ways around cheating rather than change the rules of EE.

Good luck:D
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I think after being on this plan for years that everybody's body is different. I first lost my weight through just doing green days but I find the weight is slow to come off on green days now. I still do green days but I try and do red days or mix to max days in between. I tried the EE but I found it was slow like the green days but also I struggled to only have 1 HEA and 1 HEB. I like my HEs!! I won't diss the EE as people do do it and lose weight but as with each of the plans you do need to follow them 100% for them to work. Do what works for you. I would always encourage you though to try and add more superfree foods into your diet anyway whichever plan you are on. x
i lost all of my weight doing ee and for the first part i very seldom had the third of my plate ss i did eat a lot of fruit but the more i have got on i see i try very hard to have the third of the plate ss

before sw i would have had a fit had someone put veg on my plate strange but true my girls were always made to eat there veg lol didnt want them to turn out like me but now i have loads of veg be it in soup or on my plate only u can say if it works even tho i am saying it worked for me i aint saying it will work for u :)


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I don't do EE because I value having 2HEA and 2HEB above being able to eat red and green choices together: I'd forgo meat for a vegetarian dish and have a bowl of cereal when I come home from work any day.

You list 3 superfree foods you eat, but what about vegetables? They are so easy to 'disguise' in food or use to base a meal on.

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