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Anyone use fibre89?



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I've not tried it yet.. maybe I'll give it a miss now then!
oooh, it's brilliant stuff. I was so bunged up and now i'm totally regular. Couldnt do without it and it isnt lumpy, or doesnt have a taste so it goes well with water.

Cant stand the thought of those husks :)
I wish it worked for me! Husks don't either so am now resorting to soya bran which doesn't have any taste but it makes shakes a little bitty which I'm not sure I can tolerate!
How much do you take kerrie? It didnt work for me for ages until i started having 2 heaped teaspoons.

Mind, i also use the water flavouring in it so maybe that makes me "go" :)
I tried it with 2 roughly level spoons so I could probably up that a bit. Also I don't have water flavourings so maybe that might help. May have another go as I have real texture issues and I'm going to gag on the little bran bits eventually!
Texture issues - ahh, me too. I get a 3pint jug (stole from work :D) and put in 1 heaped teaspoon of fibrey goodness, and about a quarter of a teaspoon of sunshine orange (it doesnt taste of sunshine or orange mind you!) and glug it through the day. Then i repeat in the evening :)


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That fibre 89 is WICKED!! Guaranteed Dutch Oven for OH every night. Add to that the daily CD bar (or 2 if he peed me off) and the effectes were prretty dramatic. Had to omit the fibre 89 for social reasons.
LOL nikki!!!
I take and swear by Fibresure. They are capsules. I get them in Boots in the vitamin section. You are supposed to take 2 x 3 times a day but I take 3 twice a day to avoid having to carry them around. I also try to take them with shake or whatever I'm "Eating" lol!

I have been completely regular ever since I started CD and they definitely don't effect ketosis, at least not for me anyway. "Business" is not as much as usual but I pass quite a bit everyday, certainly not rabbit droppings and it seems to be correct consistentcy!

I would suggest do a big clear out with Senokot or Ducolax and then start them.

It's a pity we can't harvest all this wind energy we could light up the national grid! :D
Luckily i'm silent but deadly :D


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I'm glad someone else is on the fibresure capsules. I was a bit worried about the effects on ketosis.
May I recommend to anyone who is going to start taking the fibre supplements to start off slowly, the first time I took them I exploded not very nice :sign0137:.
I bought fibersure capsules the other day do we really need to take 6 capsules a day? I know you can take 2 up to 3 times a day but I was thinking once a day would hopefully be enough?

Also I asked my CDC what to take and she took out a box of fibersure and said just get this she never even mentioned anything about fibre89.

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