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Anyone used toning tables?

At the risk of sounding stupid what do you do when you go to somewhere that has toning tables. Do you book a group of a few sessions? Do you wear jogging bottoms/t-shirt etc? Does it hurt? Does it work?


I've been doing crunches the last couple of weeks and can feel that they've been working and was thinking of giving the toning tables a go but just wanted some general hints or views from people.

Also and prob most importantly, are they only any good for when you've lost/almost lost the weight or is it worth doing them throughout - should I start now?
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I work with a firl who has been using them without dieting and she looks good! Her bum has really lifted after using them for 6 weeks.
what are they?? lol x
I believe that they're tables with all moving parts which you get strapped to - the parts then move and exercise your muscles (usually certain ones at once) while you just lie there!

Sounds mad doesn't it but I've read they're meant to be good ---- just weren't sure if it was for when you've lost your weight.
sounds like the best type of excercise- just laying there! hehe.
hmmmm i might have to look into that!
How does it work your muscles if you are not actually doing anything - I'm a physio and I can't think how that is actually possible! I can see how electrical stimulation works, but even that is not as good as actually using the muscle to move the weight of a limb, with or without extra weights being added into the equation.

If it's particularly your tummy you want to tone up, I would suggest Pilates - go to someone who is Body Control or Stott trained, and some form of exercise that gets you slightly out of breath for 30 minutes or more a day. You should still be able to talk whilst exercising, but should be slightly out of breath by the time you get to the end of the sentence.

Sorry to butt in, but I just really didn't want you to waste your money on something ineffective. Gosh, if toning tables worked, and I could get fit just by lying there, I'd get a pillow and move into the toning table room!
Dom cheers for your advice and please don't apologise for butting in, I posted this to get peoples responses/advice.

I'm not planning on using these instead of exercise but as well as. I've been doing my crunches, and following this each night with exercises from Pilates such as the Hundred and a couple of other --- this was to be additional to those.

From reviews what I have read these tables do appear to work but I just wanted to hear if anyone off here had any first hand experience of them...... I'm an open mind on them.
Hi Katie

I've been wondering about these too, there is a place near me that offers these, it works out around £100 for 10 sessions. Not sure how long the sessions are though?

I don't know if this expensive or if they help:confused: It'll be interesting to see other peoples views. I like the idea of sleeping on them:D Maybe it'll be worth it just to have some relaxing me time!

LOL yep, have a snore while your body does it's bits --- sounds great doesn't it :)
Ahhh cheers Lola - the place that has them isn't too far from my gym (about 5 minutes drive) - might have a look then at timing them for after a gym session. Would have to be on a Saturday though as they're not open in the evenings unfortunately which is when I'd usually go to the gym.

Thanks for the info :)

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