Anyone want to be my diet buddy?


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Ummm, basically, I'd like to lose 2st3 from my original weight of 11st3 and go down to 9st which is a pretty healthy weight for someone my height ^_^ I only started a week ago, and would love to have a email/msn buddy to keep spirits high and hopefully support and help each other out; so if anyone's interested, i'd really appreciated it!
Thank you :)
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Hiya hun.

Think this got missed with Christmas & everything so thought I'd check in & see how you're doing.

Catch you later. x x


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Hi there Keylime,
I would like to join you on this weight loss.............. I have 1 stone and 10lbs to go!


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hiya, you can add me to your buddy list too.. im just getting back on the SW wagon! .hope you got through xmas without too much dieting damage x


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Hi Id love to have a weigh loss buddy too. I have a similar amount to loose as you, well a bit more. About two stone I think! Havent weighed myself yet as I dont own scales but am heading to the 'fat machine' in boots tomorrow to hear the bad news! None of my clothes fit me and Iv been meaing to change my eating habits for a long time now, but today is a fresh start!


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Include me to your buddy list also. :grouphugg:
I would like to lose about 35lbs. My friend advice me Atkins diet, have somebody tried one? :sign0163:
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:wavey: hi, count me in.
I am doing S.W. on my own :cry:so it will be great to have company. :grouphugg:
Weigh in day for me is wednesday.


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me too !

hi. can i join you all please need surpport doing sw on my own 30 pounds to lose. could we possible do a march challenge xx:gen157: