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Anyone watching 'Don't tell the bride'?

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Oh my gosh i know, how does this bloke do it!!!??? i would also cringe, but my god.. im gunna need him when i start planning my wedding haha!

i know you may all judge me, but i'm actually in love with the dress she chose herself. I know that it had fake flowers, and horrible material, and it was all scrunchy, but omg. i want it, i do.. and i'm not ashamed to say it. i WANT that dress. :(

- i'm not being funny though, what does she see in him? all the way through, he knew what she'd want, and chose to do what he wanted.. he knew her, but decided to ignore it and make her do what he thinks she should like. like the hen do?

and what a cow her mother was, as far as i'm concerned, if her mother was paying for it, then yes. she should have involvment, but she'd not, and therefor it was up to him if he wanted to involve her and he didnt, that was his choice. if she'd have been paying for it then yes, she would have every right to know everything!

i cant believe she ruined her spa day like that, how selfish.



I will succeed!!!
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I love that show but hardly catch it!!! I cannot even remember the channel - it's something I catch no and then if I'm flicking through the channels.

By the sounds of it I feel sorry for the bride! It's not nice to have things spoil such a special day. The groom sounds like he could have balanced their likes out a bit, especially for her Hen Do!

Jim's Mum said we should apply...but Jim's threats of dressing my bridesmaid's up like they're going onto 'It's a knockout' and having guests form two teams to battle it out, and the winning team eat (while others clean up) didn't make me feel all that confident! LOL! :D But we are dividing the decisions. Like, I've picked the music I walk down the aisle to and Jim is picking what we leave to (Another One Bites The Dust by Queen - which I shouldn't laugh about but I nearly wet self when he told me...it's so him and it'll make people laugh)! And we're having a Humanist ceremony and we both have to write 3 reasons why we love the other and seal them, and send to the Celebrant. He opens them on the DAY and reads them out - so only we know what will be said. I just KNOW Jim's first 2 reasons will be lovely, and the third will be something like 'Oh and she has great boobs'. My OH is such a big kid, but I love him for it so I don't mind. So long as my bridesmaids aren't dressed as carrots lol!

Haggling is good but I am poo at it. The only 'discounts' I've had so far have been offered to me and not because I asked! We've frozen 2009 prices for 2011 at the venue and the wedding shop are knocking 15% off my dress if I buy this Saturday...so doing ok but nothing like this bloke can do lol!

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every time i watch it i think i could let joe do it, .. the amount of blokes that pull it off and really get it right is brill, and makes me think joe could be capable, BUT, when it comes to my dress. i just don't think i could... :(

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