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Anyone watching This Morning


Now to maintain.....
ooo i didnt see....whats happened/happening???

will see if i can watch online/on demand or something later if they put it up.
Ah it was short and sweet - Alison and 3 others are doing a Little Black Dress diet with some lovely personal trainer fella. They had a video of her telling how she really wants to lose weight, she's 20 stone and it's got out of hand. She was in tears big time.
Sure we can all relate to it really one way or another.


Now to maintain.....
oh god yes...can totally relate!!!

but god dont you want to shout but come to slimming world...its the way!!!!!! lol. feel almost sad for people that do other diets etc and starve,lol.
Oh gosh yes!!! It's SW all the way for me but I have a friend who believes the future lies in olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds and dried fruit and another who stays slim by only eating teeny tiny portions.
Give me a huge bowl of pasta any day!
i caught a bit of this, she made me smile when she said her dress will be a black dress, not a little black dress.

shes fab can anyone reamber her on BB when she was dancing on the wooden table and jumped up and when she landed the bleeding table broke underneath her.

girl after my own heart bless lol
I love Alison - one of those who has made something positive out of her Big Brother experience.

It was rumoured she had a gastric band fitted a while back - is that still in or did she deny it?
I remember alison from before she went into Big Brother. In 2000 we went to Tunisia on holiday and she was one of the entertainment staff at the hotel we were staying at. Back then we couldn't understand how she was so big as she never stopped still all day long. She did the water aerobics every day and ran all sorts of events. When she came onto big brother we so wanted her to win as she is a really lovely person.

I hope she can lose the weight and get to the size that she wants to be.


is getting better at it
It was rumoured she had a gastric band fitted a while back - is that still in or did she deny it?[/QUOTE]

she said this morning that the band didnt work, she was also on itvs fit club, lets hope this works for her.
Hi i'm a bit late in but had to comment, I watched this morning and it brought tears to my eyes I love Allison and her son is soo cute aswell.. I also had no idea she had a band fitted aswell but I know she has tryed a lot of diets, shes done so well since she was on big brother and she seems determand this time..good luck to them all ..and good luck to all you ladies..:greenapple:
She is bubbly, cheerful and a dose of sunshine, but to succeed she has to want to.

She has her own website and if you google her you get loads of info including about her gastric band.

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