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anyone who has switched to WW or SW after losing a lot on CD (but not all)??


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Basically - I wanted to do CD until I lost 4 stone and was going to decide after that what to do to lose the rest of the weight.

I love WW - I really do and I would like to go back to it after the Miss England final so I can actually eat and be sociable for the rest of the year - I have NO need to lose quickly after Miss England.

Has anyone done it and do you notice a weight 'gain' in the first week of WW/SW?

I think I will continue with the 'no carbs' bit anyway as I have found carbs have made my stomach bad since slipping up twice so hopefully that will help.

Thank you in advance,

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I switched to a mix of calorie counting and finishing off my Cambridge shakes by having one in the morning (vanilla and coffee) because I liked it... I couple it with going to the gym... Put on 2 ounces and an inch, all of which went the following week, just been diagnosed with gallstones and have had acute pancreatitis this week so am going to have to follow a low fat plan whilst waiting for my gall bladder op and for a couple of months after whilst my body adapts.

This can be done...

Planning is key, follow WW but also use the my fitnesspal site to keep within your RDA's. Looking at it now CD gave me what I needed, quick losses and the headspace to change my mindset... I still love food, good and bad, but now I balance them, I keep a strict eye on calorie content and saturated fats, I try to balance out the food groups and still drink a lot of water, combine all of that with exercise and I'm on to a slow and steady winner, after all... It was the tortoise that won the race! X


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Thank you so much - I am starting weight watchers but not going to the meeting till the 27th.

Thought maybe I could do a ww prep by letting myself get used to food and take my new weight at the meeting as the one I use (not get weighed inbetween at all)

I am really excited though as I am looking forward to doing this properly and for some strange reason I am looking at food a different way.

I could have had anything I wanted for breakfast this morning and I did. I wanted fruit (the thing I have been craving the MOST) and I am having cottage cheese (low fat) with salad at lunch as again that is what I want but what I am most looking forward to is cooking something for my dinner tonight that I can eat.

I don't think I will be going back to carbs in a hurry if I am honest as my stomach has shrunk and eating at all is hard but I do think if I go for a fish and veg or chicken an veg I will be great.

One thing I will have to look at is butternut squash carbs...I love it. Would prefer it to potato's to be honest!

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