Anyone with a stone or less to lose?


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S: 11st4lb G: 9st0lb
I'm on the last leg of my diet & after numerous re starts after crimbo, I finally got back on cd last tuesday.

I went out for a planned meal last night for my ds1's birthday. BUT no more messing now. This last bit has been the most difficult in my head as I feel ok.

Anyway, just wondered if there were anymore on the last leg?

I have 13lb to lose. Can't wait until it's all gone. x
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S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
I'm with ya hun! I'm hoping to hit BMI 25 this week or next and see myself losing up to another stone (maybe less) from where I am today! It's the hardest bit isn't it?! We can do it though!



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Hi I've got 13lb to lose as well. My original goal was 10 stone but I've lowered it. I've as several restarts as well, its really hard getting back into cd, and I didn't do too bad over christmas. Like you I can't wait until its gone and I can start maintaining


I'm on the last bit too and it's not as easy as the start as I'm comfortable enough with how I look, just want the last little bit off to where i want to be. Am doing 1000kCal and trying not to go over, but do, some days.

Planned on having just a shake, soup and a bar before dinner but have had a shake, soup, 8 clementines (just love them) and two slices of WW bread.......nothing mad, but more than I planned. Fingers crossed I can be good tonight with all the yummy food.


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S: 11st4lb G: 9st0lb
I feel really on it today & in the "zone". I just hope that I can stay there. If I stick to it religiously then I should be at goal in 3-4 weeks. Fingers crossed eh!


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S: 18st0lb G: 10st3lb
I got to my goal in NOv but after Chrimbo put on 9lb (da da one week of cd - I did two days each plan_ but then blew it at the weekend so am ss+ for a couple of days - want to get to ten stone an then maintain at 10 3 - so here goes!!


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S: 11st4lb G: 9st0lb
I'm on ss+ until I get to 9st 9lb, then I moving up to 810.
I was on 810 before christmas, but because of the weight gain I went back on ss+ to shift it.

Can't wait to get on the 1000 plan. I keep drooling over all the food I can have in my little book. lol


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S: 11st10lb C: 10st1lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 22.8 Loss: 1st9lb(14.02%)
yup, I'm only 8.1 lbs from my target weight. But these are the hardest pounds to lose it seems. Because I already get so many compliments and I like what I see in the mirror it's really really hard not to cheat.

Here in the Netherlands we don't have the BMI 25+1 stone-rule and you can sole source until 'the end' (or should I say 'beginning'? ;)), but I'm planning to move up in the steps in the AAM-week coming Sunday. I'm just not feeling comfortable with SS-ing with my weight, although my fat percentage is still 37.4%