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Anyone with the yellow booklet...

That's why I need the booklet really - it's all nicely set out, and show you when you should be having what, whereas the website is a bit jumbled :(
Also it only has one suggestion for each meal!

Thanks anyway spooky xx

Does anyone have a scanner?

I have a spare book - my mum tried cd and couldn't stomach the shakes. Would you like me to send it to you??
Thing is, I need it for tomorrow - spooky already suggested sending me one.

I really should've thought about this earlier! :p

Not to seem ungrateful - thanks anyway


getting slimmer
got a scanner but dont really know what i'm doing!!
is this ok??
1 cd and 1/2 pint ss milk
40gr musli
2 shreeded wheat
2 tbsp porridge 75ml water and milk
1 biol egg 1 sm granery bread

OR fruit to make 150kcal


1 cd and salad
salad as 810



40 gr (dry) brown/basmati rice,cous cous, wholemeal pastsa
150gr sweet pot
100gr baked pot
200gr new pot

175gr ch/turkey breast
275gr white fish
260gr tuna in water
330gr low fat cottage ch

portion of salad or green veg (broc, culi, cabbage, kale, asparagus,etc)

add friut up to 50kcal


brochette of turkey
griddles pork
med fish bake
steak and stout cass
penne pasta

is that ok??
Thats great thanks maria - could you do the 1200 plan too? :)
I need the option for 150cal breakfast (I remember looking at the 200 cal options and hating them all :p)

So I don't need a list of breakfasts (you've already done it!), just a list of lunches, evening meals and snacks/extras etc (like when I'm supposed to have my CD meals etc.)

Thanks alot!



getting slimmer

OP 1 200kcal

1 cd and......

ham and tom pasta salad
30gr pasta
mix 1 tsp tom puree and 1 tbsp yogurt.
chop 4 cherry toms, 40gr ham 40 gr cucumber 1 celery stick mix wit yog and drained pasta.

potato and chickpea salad
mix 3 cooked new pot (120gr) with 1 tbsp fat free dressing 2 tbsp chickpeas and serve on a bed of lettuce.
with one protion of veg

a low cal cup a soup (under 70 kcals)
dip in 3 mini pittas and a bowl of side salad and portion of veg

OP 2 300 kcals

1 cd and.....

135gr baked beans on one toasted crumpet, topped with a poached egg.
80gr of grapes
2 portions of veg


watercress and cheese sandwhich,
2 slices of granery bread very low fat spread/cream cheese watercress#150gr strawberrys one tbsp fat free from frais
2 portions of veg

wholemeal tuna and sweetcorn pitta
served with carrot sticks one portion of veg.



quorn burger and salad 2 serv veg

walnut stuffed mush 2 serv veg

prawn stir fry with rice 2 serv veg

ch skewer with noodles 1 serv veg

ch with tangy toms and spring onion mash 1 serv veg

tuna lasagne and broc 1 serv veg

add 70 kcal fruit as dessert

one portion of veg = 80gr - broc, cuali, cabbage spinach pak choi kle
aparagus fennel celeric courgette marrow green slald leaves cucumber radishes celery

what you can eat=
2 cd meals
1/2 pnt milk skimmed
4 pints water
option 1 = 250 k cal b/fast
200 k cal lunch
300 k cal dinner
70 k cal dessert

option 2 = 150 k cal b/ fast
300 k acl lunch
300 k cal dinner
70 k cal dessert

both op 1 and op 2 provide 820 k cals however you have the flexability to make your own choice of caories levels at diff meals.

think this is all you asked for??

if not let me know!!
Am I getting confused then?
I thought 1200 was the one with a mid afternoon snack, i wanted to have a (half) pint of an evening! :p

Thats brilliant Maria, thanks a lot! :D
I think I'll adapt some of them, wonder if I'm allowed spaghetti hoops instead of beans :p


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