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Anyone work shifts or nights??!


I restarted last week and things are going well ive had a weeks holiday and managed to get my head round it!

But im back at work this week and i work as a nurse mainly on night shifts.

Do any of you work nights and how do you go about drinking your shakes? Because mainly im asleep the day after my shift but sometimes i work split nights so i dont sleep the day after.

So im really confused about what i should do!

For example if i had my 3 shakes during the day then i wouldnt have any during the night or the next day while i was asleep! but i would be starving then

Please help as im very confused

Lou x
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perhaps it might be easier to split them and make 6?

I used to do this on long days and it did help
Hi - I do permanent nights im an aux. nurse my shifts are twilight 6 nights twilight then 6 off !!!! This is a complete nightmare - now that im in ketosis and on week 8 im not struggling anymore as im really not hungry and i have got y head around not eating however when i started i did this
Day one id be up all day so have breakfast 8am/lunch 1pm/tea 7pm - go to work at 9pm have another cd pack at midnight and another at 4/5am - drink fizzy water/ bottled water. When i felt exausted a would have a 200cal meal from ss+ this did not have a negative effect on weight loss - see my other posts !!
I finish at 8am come home sleep till 3/4pm and have breakfast cdpack at 6pm lunch cdpack at 11/12pm and tea cdpack at 4/5am i continue this whilst on my nights and as i start and finish with a twilight id come out of the reverse eating as i finish at 2am on the twilight.

I did end up buying a few extra packs as i had more on the day i started my nights. I also took some tetras in so if i was desprate i could have one of them!! Hope this helps Xx


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what's your sleep pattern like..

my choice is: one as I go in for a night, one around 2-3ish when I'm flagging, one before hand over so I'm able to cope with driving home safely too.

or: split them and have several through the night, adding up to 3-4 in 24 hours (SS+ is good for nights, I find)..

I've always found low but consistent BM handy on nights.. if I eat too much, I find it harder anyway.. so combo of keeping eye on BM and eye on tiredness.. and plenty of water through the night..

I also like to make them up with more water than recommended, and then I feel more full for longer, and I think it stays in the system longer.. could be wrong but...

alternatively, you could just find the best sleeping patient and curl up on the end of their bed!! Hahaha!! :rotflmao: (Only joking, NMC, if you're readin this!! Haha)

All the best!



Enough said:
alternatively, you could just find the best sleeping patient and curl up on the end of their bed!! Hahaha!! :rotflmao: (Only joking, NMC, if you're readin this!! Haha)

I have nowt of any use to say...I have nights to do on Placement in October...no reason why I shouldn't be eating real food by then. :D
I'm only do 2 split nights a week for my sins. My usual routine is:
up at 5-6am (due to daughter), have half a shake on morning and half at lunchtime. Normally gat a bit of a kip 3-6pm if lucky. Prior to leaving for work i whizz up a whole shake, have half of it and take other half with me. (iknow its s'posed to be drunk in 15mins but i manage it in the first hr of work, whilst organising the shift.) Normally have either soup, or tetra about 3-4am. When get home have half a shake, kip a few hrs then up for day and fit in the other 2and a half shakes as normal...... If working two nights together have full shake in morning when back from work, sleep then repeat the rest. It took me a while to figure out how it would work out. I find the vanilla's are perfect for splitting in half, as they taste great diluted with a spoonful of coffee. xx


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Yeh I'm doing my night shift at the moment! But I do a mixture of days and nights.

On my first night I would have had 2 packs that day and a further 2 through the night, making one extra than I usually have. Then I would sleep the next day and have the normal 3 packs over night as I would settled into pattern then xx


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I'm a student midwife, when i'm on nights i try to get up as late as possible on the first day so have my breakfast shake about 1-2ish then my lunch about 7pm then i take a tetra with me and (if i'm lucky enough to get a break) i have that and i always have a water bottle firmly in hand and drink lots of coffee. The second and third night shifts are easier as i'm sleeping in the day longer so my body clock kind of just flips around. I haven't done any split nights yet but i would advise as others have to either have an extra pack or split some. :)
I really worried about this too when i first started but found it quite easy to settle into a pattern. Its earlies i struggle with because i have to have my breakfast shake at about 6am my tetra at work at about 13.30 then my soup at about 18.00 and because its such a long day i'm normally starving by about 21.00.
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i do 3 or 4 nights a week at an epileptic home.. it makes it harder as you've got to split the shakes over a day and a night.. if ive been at work ill have my breakfast at say 4/5 am. another at 1/2pm if i wake up, one before work 7 pm and one before 12.. im on four as im 5'8.. can't imagine what it would be like on three. i get so dizzy esp. in the mornings finishing the shift. It seems to be working ok though, i've got my 3rd weigh in today..so heres hoping it will be a good one again!

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