Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ok, here's the deal. I retreated from SW and started WW yesterday. I'll give it that it's easier, but OMG someone feed meeee!! I'm starving! I just can't live on that little food. I was going to join online costing me £29.99 for 3months, great eh, slimming world costs atleast twice that so b#gger me if I'm paying that out again lol.

I think all. I had to do to get on track was take down the Christmas tree, as all my motivation is back as I feel like christmas is over now, back to normal.

oh god my tummy is rumbling! Lol. Someone save me. I realised how fab SW is, and how much I would need to starve myself on WW, take me back,please?? I'll be a good girl!!

Can't believe I've come running back after only 2days instead of the one month I said lmao.

So, lists anyone?? Pleeease!? Xxx
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Welcome back, SW is fab isn't it!!!??!
I don't have a list on the computer but I'm sure someone will be able to help.
Sending you big welcome back ((HUGS))


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thankyou! I feel like a bit of fraud, only yesterday was I saying I needed a break...well the break turned out to be [email protected]! Lol.

1.5 days has surely got to be a record for giving in WW lol.xx


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I think I lasted about 8 hours last time I did it... was just tooooo fliiping hungry!!


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I tried ww couple of years ago and last a week. Don't know how i managed that but i was soooo hungry all the time. Hated it. SW much better for me


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That's okay - you just popped next door to see their lawn and realised that their grass isn't greener.
Welcome back xx


Bears dont dig on dancin'
It's definitely not greener! Lol. Well not for me anyway.

I feel like I went on a really bad package holiday, the kind you would come back from with food poisoning lol.

I feelsettles in again and even my OH said that now christmas is officially gone (by packing away of tree) he is back in the weightloss mode. I have also sorted our spare room and been using the cross trainer again for the first time since moving in here 3months ago lol.

Sorry to gloat but I don't half feel great!! Hehe!! Xx


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ah I changed because I tried every day to stay on plan and failed by the evening. I thought a change in how I wasthinking about food would help.I managed over 1days and was starving, that was enough to get me back on track woohoo! I was thinking i'd do 1 month on WW to get back on track with something new then start SW totally fresh in Feb... didn't need that long in the end hehe.xx


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It always strikes me as funny that people on here who hate WW complain about being hungry and on the WW board there are always people saying theyve points left over and are full.

Sounds like youre better sticking with what youre happiest with.... :) No harm in trying something new - even if it is just to reinforce youre on the right path :)
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I looked at WW & discovered I would be permitted 19 points a day. 19 points!! I ask you! I probably eat what qualifies for that for breakfast! Nope, WW was NOT for me. SW did the trick, & still is! Guess its whatever works for you x


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WW worked for me many, many years ago before points but am now much happier with Sw especially EE. Good luck and welcome back.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Oh I had great losses with WW in 2007 (9lbs wk 1)!! So it does work. Just not for me this time :) I can't live on 22points after having been on SW, a can of beans used up 5 of my points yesterday! :eek: xx