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Hi Crystal.

I was doing JUDDDD about a year ago and was losing about 3lbs per week. I prefer it to a VLCD but I do find the down days hard.

The good thing about it is that you can eat what you want (reasonably speaking) every other day and still lose weight, albeit not as quickly as on a VLCD. Also, you don't go into ketosis so you stay hungry on a down day.

It's worth a try in my opinion. Let us know what you decide.
Thanks Karen. It sounds good, I've researched it a bit and have read the book. The problem I have with vlcd's is I can't seen to stay on them before 'diet fatigue' sets in. It ruins everything as I binge and pile on what I lose and sometimes extra. This has been going on for a few years and I'm desperate to find something I can maintain over a long period.
I'm going to try this now and use exante shakes and bars for down days, possibly just two shakes or one shake and a bar.
Just had a question about up day calories? Do you strictly monitor them? and what is eating 'within reason' on up days, I assume it means no bingeing? Sorry just clarifying.
Hope this works for me. Seems really sustainable.

X x X
Hi Karen

Thanks for your reply. I really want to try this but just afraid of gaining loads. The problem I have with vcld's ATM is I keep getting the 'diet fatigue' mentioned in the book, bingeing and gaining, or losing and gaining the same lbs over and over again. Have researched JUDDD and read the book so I understand most of it but just had some questions on the ud's, do you strictly monitor the cals consumed on ud's and when he says eating whatever 'within reasonable limits' does that mean no bingeing lol. Or is slight overeating acceptable?
Have done an up day today so fingers crossed.
Thx x x x
Hi Crystal

You don't need to count calories on an up day just eat what you want when you want.

I use exante on my down days too - one shake and one bar and find that fine.

Obviously if you binge on an up day you will lose less weight but, as a former starver and binger myself I don't feel the need to binge on an up day, in fact I feel bloated if I eat too much on an up day.

That being said, I go out for meals out on up days if I want to and have a pudding if I fancy one.

There aren't too many people on the board at the moment but maybe we can support each other.

All the best on you DD x
DD today. Thanks Karen, would love to stay in touch, you're right it's a not quiet on here. I hope it's not because it doesn't work that long! :-/
I'm doing ok today, have been very busy so trying to just fast, with a couple of teas. If I'm really starving Il have a bar in the evening.
Weekends are quite tough so I did read somewhere people have done this with DD's on M, W and F's, with two UD's on the weekend or a medium day on Sunday? That would work for me better, have you tried that or do you think that would be ok Karen?
Just had lots of water, felt a bit nauseous before but nothing I can't handle. Looking forward to tomorrow though. :)

Off to stalk your diary Karen, I've got one on the Exante forum :)
Hope you're having a good day. X
I'm interested to see how you guys get on here. Am I right in thinking a down day is anything you want as long as it's not over 500cals and an up day is whatever you want? Do you allow for exercise points on a down day? How have you found it, headaches etc? How long and how much weight etc? Sorry for random post on iPhone lol x

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Can't tell you if the weight stays off as I've still got a lot to lose but the idea is that you continue to have up days and down days to maintain except that you increase your DD calories until you are at a maintainance level.

The main prob I have on a DD is hunger. I don't get headaches or anything like that.

You can eat anything you like up to 500 cals on a DD but Dr Johnson recommends using meal replacement shakes at least to begin with as they are precisely calculated.

Hope to see you both join us x
Hi. Thanks for the reply. Still thinking about this, what do you do on down days? Do you do shakes or eat? My dd calories are only 391? So I'm just looking for ideas I suppose. Also do you do any sort of cc on up days? My ud cals are 1954 but I know if I didn't count I would easily pass this and don't want to defeat myself? Especially on social events? Xxx

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You don't need to count calories on an up day as long as you don't intentionally overeat.

On a down day, Dr J recommends using shakes as the calories are quite precise. I don't use shakes necessarily as I have my hubby to cook for so he has agreed to eat soup every other day with me, so I have an Alpen Light bar in the morning, half a packet of soup for tea and an Options hot chocolate before bed which comes to 210 calories.

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